1 Show of the Russian Aerobatic Teams

Show of the Russian Aerobatic Teams

The event was held in the beginning of June 2012 and was devoted to the 70th
anniversary of the Leningrad Army decorated with the Order of the Red Banner.
6 Making a Customized Ring

Making a Customized Ring

Check out how a real
master makes a ring.
5 From the River Bottom Back to Life

From the River Bottom Back to Life

Tank KV-1 raised from the bottom of the Neva river in November, 16th, 2011 is being restored now in the Museum of the Battle
for Leningrad. After the restoration it will participate in historical reconstructions and military parades.
2 Modernity And Antiquity of the Georgian Land

Modernity And Antiquity of the Georgian Land

Svaneti is a historic province in Georgia, in the northwestern part of the country. It is inhabited by the Svans, a geographic subgroup of the Georgians. Geographically and historically, the province has been divided into two parts—Upper Svaneti and Lower Svaneti. Upper Svaneti is known for its architectural treasures and
picturesque landscapes. Dwelling towers built in the X-XII centuries are also very interesting. It also has ancient stone Orthodox churches. Upper Svaneti was enlisted as an object of UNESCO world heritage. The Svans never conquered anyone and nobody tried to conquer them - they lived too high.
3 Volcano Colors In the Evening

Volcano Colors In the Evening

Avacha volcano of Kamchatka is wonderful in any weather.
Look how its colors are playing after the sunset.

5 Pigeon Soup, Why Not?

Pigeon Soup, Why Not?

Have you ever eaten pigeon meat? Did you know that wild
pigeon is very very tasty? Have you hunted after them? 

29 Soviet Past of Today

Soviet Past of Today

Perm. A huge city, the third largest in Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is growing fast, invading more and more territories from the Ural forests. Old blocks are being promptly rebuilt too. Walking we pass by office buildings, banks, stores, cafes and restaurants, and somewhere in the end of the
street we find ourselves ... in the past. Soviet past, almost forgotten. Six two-storey wooden houses, with no gas, central heating or water supply. Each is a hundred years old or even more. They stood here before the revolution! And people who inhabit them are also not from modern time.

13 Giant Steppe Observer

Giant Steppe Observer

Horse statue of Genghis Khan is a symbol of 800-years anniversary of Mongolia. Many historians believe that the greatest invader of all times was not Alexander the Great but Genghis Khan. Alexander inherited the strong army and the powerful state from his father while the freat Mongol started all from null, he united desolated steppe tribes and for 21 years of his governing (1206-1227) he created the huge state that occupied 22% of all the terrestrial territory. His name awed many peoples of Eurasia, but for Mongols the great khan was and is
father of the nation. Despite all the respect to Genghis Khan Mongolia does not have many places where tourists may learn the story of the legendary leader. But today, after all these 800 years, he is back ahorse! The huge 40 meters statue covered with 250 tons of stainless steel towers over the plateau. The great Mongol is erected on a 10 m pedestal and is surrounded by 36 columns symbolizing 36 khans who ruled the country after him. The horse statue was solemnly opened on the 26th of September, 2008.
18 War Finding In the Lake

War Finding In the Lake

The plane performed the forced landing on the ice of Krivoye lake in November, 25th, 1943. The pilot and the wounded shooter survived, but the ice didn't
bear the weight of the plane and it the Il-2 sank on the bottom of the lake. Now it's going to be sent to Novosibirsk for restorarion.
18 Postwar Moscow: Huge Collection of Photos

Postwar Moscow: Huge Collection of Photos

A big set of photographs
featuring life in Moscow of 1947.

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