1 On Top of the Business Centre Domnikov

On Top of the Business Centre Domnikov

It had been considered that getting on the Domnikov business centre in Moscow was impossible without a special
permission. But it turned out that was pretty simple and now we can show the photos taken from there.
33 Freedom Cars In Tula

Freedom Cars In Tula

In June, 10 a car festival Autostrada 2012 took place in Tula. Retro
and modern cars, American cars were presented at the event.
14 Kursk Is Sinking

Kursk Is Sinking

Photos from Kursk of
June, 12, 2012.
14 Garbage Collector Vadim

Garbage Collector Vadim

We are at the garbage polygon of Perm to see
how a local garbage collector works.
10 Production of Su-34 In Novosibirsk

Production of Su-34 In Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk aeronautic production association named after V. P. Chkalov (Chkalov plant) is one of the largest plane making enterprises of Russia that is a part of "Sukhoi" company. In the beginning of the 90s the
plant began to master multi-purpose aviation complex Su-34. The first plane took off in 1993. Since 2006 they have started series delivery of these vehicles to the Russian air military forces.
17 Barbie Make-Up Works Wonders

Barbie Make-Up Works Wonders

You probably remember this Barbie girl. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova and she's from Odessa. She's become a style icon shortly. It was hard to understand that she could be real and could even breathe.
But now we understand that this alien image was the result of the girl's talent to create her own face by using make-up. On the photos below she looks like an ordinary pretty girl.
3 Special Present For Euro-2012 Guests

Special Present For Euro-2012 Guests

Guests of EURO 2012 championship and citizens of Kiev have a chance to have a short trip by a real retro-locomotive along the Kiev ring railroad. The
excursion lasts 2 hours. In the locomotive one may listen to some story about the history and modern situation of the South-West railroad.
5 A Note For Tourists

A Note For Tourists

Here's how you can make a
capacity for water while hiking.
7 Production Gymnastics In the USSR

Production Gymnastics In the USSR

Why people do not do it today? That was fun! The all union radio station used to transmit invigorating
sounds at 11 am and people started to stretch and do some physical exercises right at work.
6 Pangolin Mercedes

Pangolin Mercedes

This is Mercedes S65 AMG Dragon. Konig Motor company is ready to make a unique  luxury sedan for $68 200. Luckily the guys
from Konig Motor didn't touch the engine of the car, it is still powered by 12-cylinder V-motor (612hp, 1000N·m).

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