4 Can You Compete With the Granny?

Can You Compete With the Granny?

Posted on June 29, 2012 by team

This woman is 72, almost every day she comes here for training… Real Russian babushka!


4 Responses to “Can You Compete With the Granny?”

  1. Truba says:

    I just love it. Way to go grandma!

  2. CombatPotato says:

    super granny… she from Spetnaz???

  3. XyuH says:

    Somehow I doubt that she really excersises. For one if she really do this she’d look 50 because of endorphins and testosterone alone.

  4. RNS says:

    Can you help?
    1) Do you know her name or place?
    2) Can you please translate the name of the photographer in the first photo?

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