4 Work of a Dental Mechanic

Work of a Dental Mechanic

Posted on June 28, 2012 by team

Let’s see what a dental mechanic does in order we had beautiful smiles.

All-cast crown from stainless steel.

Each tooth has its number. This one is 46th. The main technological stages are:
1. Making of a plaster model.
2. Modelling of a tooth.
3. Metal casting.
4. Processing and adjustment of a crown.

Low jaw imprint

A dental mechanic turns imprints into real models. Making a split cast is the most difficult in this work.
Drilling a plastic socket with a laser.


4 Responses to “Work of a Dental Mechanic”

  1. Andrey says:

    Metal crowns? That’s gross…

    • Deutschrassig says:

      dentistry of the last century.
      nice work, but outdated materials.
      today no one wants to look like jaws from moonraker.

  2. Liptonius says:

    Excellent techniques, a truly skilled outfit.

    Adapting to modern ceramics and the new generation of orthodontic prostheses will be a piece of cake for these “dental artists”.

    That done, the money should start rolling in, in large, leafy bales, if the price is right.

    “Dental tourism”, anyone?

  3. dentist says:

    This is really cool! I’m going to school for this ;)

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