4 Work of a Dental Mechanic

Work of a Dental Mechanic

Posted on June 28, 2012 by team

Let’s see what a dental mechanic does in order we had beautiful smiles.

All-cast crown from stainless steel.

Each tooth has its number. This one is 46th. The main technological stages are:
1. Making of a plaster model.
2. Modelling of a tooth.
3. Metal casting.
4. Processing and adjustment of a crown.

Low jaw imprint

A dental mechanic turns imprints into real models. Making a split cast is the most difficult in this work.
Drilling a plastic socket with a laser.

Inserting pins, pouring the imprint with plaster and covering it with the socket.

The plaster has dried out and the imprint can be removed.

Turning of a dental arch

And cutting it into separate segments

In this particular case we cut it into 5 segments. Then the tooth demanding the crown must be turned. Excess plaster below the arrow must be removed.

They use special lacquer that serves as cement.

Assembling the model and connecting the jaws to put them into the articulator: the device imitating a human skull.

Modelling is the next stage.

Using medium wax. It is applied to make the anatomic shape of the tooth. Special attention is paid to the contact with neighbouring teeth.

Modelled tooth

Upon the modelling an extra reservoir for metal is soldered to the crown. The whole construction is fastened and placed into a special mould.

Filling with special substance

The substance needs 30 minutes to harden, then it is put into the stove to spend there up to 4,5 hours heating from 20C to 920C.

Co 61%, Cr 32%, Mo 5,5% and other metals.

The metal is melted in the spacial vacuum stove and poured out under pressure.

The crown is ready now it should cool down

Taking out and sand blasting

Removing excess material, adjusting and polishing

Checking the contacts in the articulator with foil. The ready crown.

One tiniest inaccuracy causes seriously bad consequences.

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4 Responses to “Work of a Dental Mechanic”

  1. Andrey says:

    Metal crowns? That’s gross…

    • Deutschrassig says:

      dentistry of the last century.
      nice work, but outdated materials.
      today no one wants to look like jaws from moonraker.

  2. Liptonius says:

    Excellent techniques, a truly skilled outfit.

    Adapting to modern ceramics and the new generation of orthodontic prostheses will be a piece of cake for these “dental artists”.

    That done, the money should start rolling in, in large, leafy bales, if the price is right.

    “Dental tourism”, anyone?

  3. dentist says:

    This is really cool! I’m going to school for this ;)

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