8 The Village That Has to Disappear But It Does Not

The Village That Has to Disappear But It Does Not

Posted on June 28, 2012 by team

Would you be able to live in a village with population less than 100 people? Let’s check out how people live there.

Talovka is a small village that has no leader, hospital or school.

There is a butter factory near the village. It had been producing butter to export it abroad, the village was big and everything messed up in the 90s, of course. The electricity was shut off and people left the place. It took only 10 years for the village to decay only to a couple of buildings…

Building of the butter factory and baths in which it was made.

Talovka itself. Now it has 65 houses on 4 streets, people – less than a hundred. Others sold their houses or simply left, one street was even demolished and now it seems it never existed like that village around the butter factory.

Local men

Garik can be probably called the leader here. He came to Talovka from Armenia 25 years ago and now is at the head of the local construction gang. With them he goes to Barnaulk for earning. They bring up to monthly 300 dollars from there.

On the picture above: Garik is preparing food for pigs.

The cattle for the whole village has 19 heads. They also have two illegal sawmills. Garik beautifies his house, has made a nice staircase.

Egor says he wants to buy a cow but it costs 1500 dollars…


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8 Responses to “The Village That Has to Disappear But It Does Not”

  1. Y5K says:

    Gone with the wind. Urban concentration is a characteristic of capitalism. Someday this little girl will get into the dazzling city lights, and never come back. In the future the dream of our kids playing with a real cow in the green field will never be realized like the dream of Lisa Simpson longing for Unicorn, because all cows are in the cage and all people are in cities.

    • MartinCZ says:

      Nicely said, you are right. I feel sorry for Nastya, it must be sad long days when she has nobody to play with her.

    • Buratino says:

      I agree 100%. I also say that it is the people in the cities who live in cages, physically, and in their minds. Move from rural environment to cities is disasterous for humanity. It seems year on year we become more like slaves of corporations, simply robots generating money for the few. Shocking….

  2. sandeep_halder says:

    @Y5K very true

  3. teamen says:

    What a poor … is so painful and embarrassing

  4. openeyed says:

    Cute photo of her and the cow, I wish her luck.

  5. A.Oscar says:

    Yes I could live there: but from what read about it; the Russian government should help at least with essentials stuff to make them lives more prosperous, and them people feel more proud of themselves and the country too. Russia is a the bigger country in the world; with only 160 million people not enough to make a country even more safe to each other by producing much more. Many of those places must be some wee in Russia; which could have even foreigners could emigrate there by living in Lille towns and work with the land. But even if not that much money could given to them, should give some animals, even in some cases with obligation of produce, and expanded the continuation of them, animal procreation should be teaches. Russia must expand the population in areas like this ‘one. They could have fish pounds too. A.Oscar

  6. Liptonius says:

    What’s an “illegal sawmill”?

    Naked wood dancing? Cheap booze and boards?

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