8 Research Institute Doomed to Be Abandoned

Research Institute Doomed to Be Abandoned

Posted on June 27, 2012 by team

This institute in the Vladimir region used to be one of the best research insitutes working with synthesis of artificial minerals. However its destiny is not enviable because it finally went bankrupt.

It’s not difficult to enter it.

Looters haven’t reached the institute so far…

Crystal grinding machines

Grinding paste

Draught cupboard and Disney characters on the wall


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8 Responses to “Research Institute Doomed to Be Abandoned”

  1. liptonius says:


    What exactly was their product?

  2. jeebs says:

    That sucks how does this keep happening was this a government run facility?

    I really feel bad that it’s just abandoned what a wast

  3. d says:

    This is just sad.

  4. Darkness 99 says:

    Whish I could loot… I mean, save the microscope and some of these crystals before someone breaks them

    • jeebs says:

      I’m with you I mean with all these places being abandoned I would be cleaning these places out big time. Look at all the equipment just left sitting that’s money left out for anyone to take I would loot Russia for days :)

  5. nicolas from France says:

    nice place, seems to be abandonned and some room seems not to be abandonned, very strange. This building look huge

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