6 Juice Making Plants of Azerbaijan

Juice Making Plants of Azerbaijan

Posted on June 27, 2012 by team

Everybody knows that pomegranate is a trademark of Azerbaijan. 98% of all products of AZNAR plant are made for export. Let’s visit the two largest plants of the country making juice from real pomegranates – AZNAR (Grante) and Gabalinsky packing plant (Jale).  The unique microclimate and the area soil are the main secret of the wonderful taste of these pomegranates. They are picked during 40-45 days in October-November. 3 kg of fruits give 1 litre of juice. AZNAR appies two different technologies of making pomegranate juice: production, bottling and dispatch or accumulation of the concentrate in antiseptic 50t tanks. In general the plant has 100 of such tanks.

Daily they can make 10-15 thousand of bottles. When the season is over they use the concetrate from the tanks.

The main importers of the juice are the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. Depending on a country one bottle of the juice may cost from 5 USD to 7 euros.


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  1. kalamona says:

    damn you, look so tasty…

  2. guest says:

    Even in Azerbaijan they manage to have a fully new and good looking plant for once, unlike Russia where everything is held together by good hope and rust from USSR time.

  3. I wish poms were year-round!

  4. Faith Gorodki says:


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