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I Park As

Posted on June 26, 2012 by team

The parking problem in Moscow becomes more and more complicated. There is not a place for parking but everybody parks anyway…


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17 Responses to “I Park As”

  1. Andy2012 says:

    Why don’t they just write tickets? city can make a lot of money. Seems weird how its ok to park anywhere with no threat of tickets or towing.

    • Kent of Sweden says:

      Simple, since the people who run Moscow are criminals they have no interest in upholding laws, they make enogh money selling permits to break the law. Check out the “Blue buckets” movement..

    • Kyle says:

      That is a good idea but not for Russia

  2. Ty-ty says:

    on top of that city council can build multistorey carparks, but they dunt do it, totally absent minded ppl

  3. geoff says:

    Hey I see a space ! — Where ? — Up on the foot path, quick, get it while no one is walking.

    Parking situation is about the same here. We want to drive our own car and enjoy the “freedom” instead of using public transport. But there is so much traffic congestion that there is not much freedom to enjoy. Traffic jambs on the way and no park spaces when you get there.

  4. tatra_tiger says:

    this is the syndrome of the whole eastern europe – no parking place. cars are cheap, everyone wants to drive, can you imagine those yuppies (junior managers….) with terrific self-esteem commute to work by tram ? what a shame for them. eh…. the same here in slovakia. they build modern glassy office buildings everywhere, shoppong centers, business centers but they didn’t build parking places. so no wonder we look like third-world country as the cars are parked everywhere like in moscow….

    • Artur says:

      Cars in Russia are NOT cheap))) because of the state taxes))) not if you mean brand new Land Rovers, Audis and BMWs) I don’t think it’s fair to compare a small country like Slovakia and a metropolis like Moscow))) you shouldn’t forget that in many huge cities ( I mean huge, with population over 10 mln) entrance to the downtown area is not free unlike in Moscow o far

  5. Fred Johnson says:

    I think Russia wasn’t built for cars. Looking at the old photos, you hardly see any cars. So it looks like they didn’t build a city and take into consideration the fact that people will own (lots of) cars.

    Then you have old cities, with no parking spaces. The only way to make room, would be to tear down old (sometimes beautiful) buildings.

  6. nicolas from France says:

    wow Paris is much better than this mess !

  7. ride a bike says:

    in germany, a public parking space (for one car!) has building- and “life”-costs of up to 20.000 euros.
    Tram/Bus are cheaper. but everybody wants a car and a parking space.

    share your cars, ride a bike, take the tram, punish all badly who park on the sidewalk!
    don’t let your cities get crowded by unpersonal armys of “metalmonsters”.

  8. Kyle says:

    I see it as some business opportunity for people with money! Parking business is BIG in the US. State of the art parking spaces in downtown area are a must and make tons of cash for their owners

  9. Slumdog says:

    Feels like home (viva Mexico!!!)

  10. ETS2 says:

    They don’t have time(lazy)to find a real parking spot ,soo of course those lazy f***s park where ever they want if there is nobody who cares about it and writes tickets.

  11. liam says:

    if i win the lottery im gonna setup a towing company in russia

  12. Larry says:

    In the whole existence of automobiles, mass ownership of cars is still a new idea to Russian people, sure some people owned cars and knew how to drive but most did not. So the novelty has not worn off, EVERBODY wants a car, nobody wants public transportation or to have to carpool. Combine this with crooked police who will not police for the greater good but for their own desires and poor road infrastructure, and peoples inability to follow simple road rules and driving etiquette, Russia is doomed to have these problems for decades to come.

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