5 The Most Stupid Live Installation?

The Most Stupid Live Installation?

Posted on June 25, 2012 by team

The governor of St. Petersburg realized a new idea for the international economic forum. A special performance was arranged for the guests. It was decided to show how the city is reflected in the mirror of the Neva river. Some installation was really special: the girls aged 9-10, all painted silver, were depicting live statues of the wind gods at the pool.

The children felt rather uncomfortable. Their collars were stuck to the box in which they were sitting. The sun was shining right in the eyes of one girl who had to sit like that for about an hour and her eyes could seriously suffer. Besides they were ordered to blow at the paper ships to make them sail. Some of the guests were indignant but nobody tried to help the girls out…

Location: St. Petersburg

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5 Responses to “The Most Stupid Live Installation?”

  1. Gelmi says:

    Seriously? This is torture dude… on second thought, it’s very suitable to the economic forum.. ))

    • Emperor Norton says:

      Yes, what better way to celibate modern capitalism than with the torture of small children?

      • Fizbo says:

        Who’s making money off of that, what are they selling? The “torture” is only a display of what is really thought of basic human rights over there.

  2. Ty-ty says:


  3. CombatPotato says:

    what this stupid idea

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