10 Posh Cars Exhibition

Posh Cars Exhibition

Posted on June 25, 2012 by team

Luxury cars exhibition in Novorossiysk. Enjoy!


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10 Responses to “Posh Cars Exhibition”

  1. OldBikr says:

    You guys cannot be serious when you refer to the late seventies yellow Mercury as being a “posh” car! They were difficult to repair inefficient clunkers with few if any redeeming values.

    Come on folks, I have helped to crush many of those old dogs into scrap to make new cars out of them.

    The rest of the cars are very cool.

    • Tovarich Volk says:

      I agree with this, the 70’s Merc is a classic example of a hunk’o’Detroit S**t. –The rest on the other hand are quite cool.

  2. jeebs says:

    Italian, British, and American among the best in the world please note “among” the best I’m sad I didn’t German cars in the photos :(

    • OldBikr says:

      I agree, one of the really big super-charged Mercedes with the chromed exhaust pipes coming through the sides of the bonnet would be pretty bad-azzed.

      • OldBikr says:

        An Opel GT would be pretty cool in this line-up too, speaking of German vehicles. They looked like baby Corvettes and ran pretty well.

  3. Testicules says:

    Shelby Cobra is the best

  4. Simon says:

    WOW, some beautiful examples! Restoring and having them in Russia must be quite difficult and cost 5 times as much.

  5. Derek Brown says:

    Wow nice cars, I like the Brockway Torpedo so much.

  6. Berlinetta says:

    Purple car is a 1960 Buick LeSabre. Like the hideaway headlight mod. and the Billet Boyd’s rims are so mid 90’s it hurts!

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