1 In the Sweet Paradise

In the Sweet Paradise

Posted on June 25, 2012 by team

It’s a small production shop of Premier Product company, there are no conveyors here and sweets are made manually. Belgian chocolate of high quality is used for making sweets and figures. In melts in a mouth, not in hands.

Dark, milk and white chocolate, cacao butter in granules.

They apply a special technology of chocolate melting.

Silicone forms are used for making figures. They allow to create very small details of the figures but need much time to cool down in a fridge.

Pouring chocolate in the forms.

Some time on the vibrating table to get rid of the air.

Putting in the fridge

Such figures they have as a result

Special food colorants are used to color the figures.


Candied fruits. They make such orange peels for several hours.

Ready products

Some figures are used for technology development so they are unpacked.

Keeping time of the figures is 4 months, sweets – 14 days.

Raspberry sweet

They invent new ways of production and apply new tools and forms.


Chocolate crumbs

Form for marzipan decorations

Their sweets are not cheap but they truly worth it!

Location: Samara

via sv-bob

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  1. Maxim Ч. says:

    Mmmm. Belcolade. We have that at my chocolate shop in Canada. Good s*it.

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