5 Pigeon Soup, Why Not?

Pigeon Soup, Why Not?

Posted on June 22, 2012 by team

Have you ever eaten pigeon meat? Did you know that wild pigeon is very very tasty? Have you hunted after them? 

When birds eat their fill they always fly in one and the same direction for drinking.


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  1. CaptainDerp says:


  2. Barrie says:

    Try letting them hang for 14 days they will be much nicer, tender and more palatable. You should never eat fresh meat. The best Scottish beef can hang for as much as 8 weeks or more.

  3. sst says:

    Wild pigeons are fine, but you should not eat city pigeons – they eat all kinds of garbage and junk, and carry a lot of diseases. Seagulls are not to be eaten for the same reason – unless you’re far out at sea for them to be eating crap.

  4. Barrie says:

    Good advice “sst”.

  5. Simon says:


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