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Posted on June 22, 2012 by team

Horse statue of Genghis Khan is a symbol of 800-years anniversary of Mongolia.

Many historians believe that the greatest invader of all times was not Alexander the Great but Genghis Khan. Alexander inherited the strong army and the powerful state from his father while the freat Mongol started all from null, he united desolated steppe tribes and for 21 years of his governing (1206-1227) he created the huge state that occupied 22% of all the terrestrial territory. His name awed many peoples of Eurasia, but for Mongols the great khan was and is father of the nation.

Despite all the respect to Genghis Khan Mongolia does not have many places where tourists may learn the story of the legendary leader. But today, after all these 800 years, he is back ahorse!

The huge 40 meters statue covered with 250 tons of stainless steel towers over the plateau. The great Mongol is erected on a 10 m pedestal and is surrounded by 36 columns symbolizing 36 khans who ruled the country after him. The horse statue was solemnly opened on the 26th of September, 2008.

Statue of Genghis Khan is a tourist centre of Mongolia. It’s not just a monument but also a two-storey tourist complex. Inside is a museum, a gianе map of the khan’s invasions, an art gallery, a conference hall, restaurants, a poolroom and a souvenir shop.

The horse head is 30 meters high, from there one may observe awesome views of the endless Mongolian steppe. They plan to build a theme park around the statue. It will be devoted to the Mongolian way of life of the Genghis Khan epoch. The park will consist of 6 sections: camp of warriors, camp of craftsmen, shaman nomad camp, khan’s jurt, cattle-breeder nomad camp and educational camp.

There will be a camping site consisting of 200 jurts, a swimming pool, an open air theater and a golf field on the complex territory enclosed by the stone wall. Besides, the steel monument will be covered with gold in order it is better seen in the steppe. They will plant 100 000 trees. This place, 50km from Ulan Bator, was not randomly chosen, according to the legend it was the very place where the young man Temujin found a gilded whip that helped him to become Genghis Khan and invade half of the world.

The total area of the cultural-historical complex is 212 hectares.

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13 Responses to “Giant Steppe Observer”

  1. vanauger says:

    Genghis Khan is just a bloody barbarians that likes to kill and rape people for fun. There is nothing to be proud of him.

    • yuri says:

      well said bro well said

    • Tovarich Volk says:

      He united a group of disparate warring tribes into a single nation, attacked and sacked an empire that kept all the warring little tribes at pitted at war with each other. and then built a multicultural, multireligious, meritocratic empire that spanned from the Pacific ocean to central Europe, and made it possible for people to travel overland from Europe to China safely, and without fear of robbery. –This trade route facilitated the great East/West cultural interchange which spawned the renaissance.

      The silk road died with the decline of the Mongol Empire, and which then caused Europeans to seek out ocean routes to eastern Asia, including people who were convinced that the world was round, and that they could sail eastwards from Spain and Portugal to arrive in China and India.

      These are all truly shameful things, aren’t they?

      • Testicules says:

        Very well said Tovarich. People are so quick to toss out someones achievements just because they don’t like his means. That was a different time with different moral. Remember the mongol tribes were manipulated and pitted against each other by the chinese for generations. We have them to thank for Ghengis.

  2. Fred Johnson says:

    Yes, lets celebrate another mass murderer. No matter what he did, he still murdered a LOT of people. Not exactly the kinda guy you want to look up to.

  3. Anastasis says:

    b.Alexander the Great
    c.Gengish Khan
    Now make a pair.

  4. Akskl says:

    History of Genghis Khan and his so-called “Mongols” was written by peoples who were their enemies. He was a conqueror not much worse than any other conqueror.

    Genghis Khan wasn’t a Khalkha-Mongol:


  5. The Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Wow, that’s impressive, and quite an interesting piece of engineering. As to Genghis Khan, whatever you may think of the man, you can’t deny his impact on history, nor should it be forgotten. Seeing this statue must be much the same experience as villagers had when they saw the Horde approaching.

  6. Mars says:

    What a shame. Human celebrating him as a hero, how deep has their moral sank? It’s time to punish them and delete them from the surface of the earth

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    Looks like Khan has been conquered by the capitalists. The Golf tourney will be called the Khan Memorial. Hawkers will sell “I’m a Khan kid” t-shirts to greedy consumers. More mindless cult of personality.

  8. Mike says:

    The problem with the human race is that it always wants to think there is something really good in it somewhere. Mongolia has next to ntohing to show for its place in history, except this one thing. But history shows, what the Bible teaches so clearly, that the humans race is stained in its very nature, Every age, every culture, every race — lost towards God, kill others, power grab, sexual misbehavior of all sorts, love of money.

  9. vanauger says:

    Modern humanity hates Hitler so much, because of his actions caused lots of casualties. So should our perceptions toward other barbaric killers, like this God Damned mongols.

  10. Papa Karlo says:

    If Genghis Khan had invaded and conquered and destroyed Europe same way he invaded and destroyed the unfortunate countries in Asia, the stainless steel for this monument could not be even produced or even invented. They should have built this monuments out of what Genghis Khan and his people used – animal skins, sticks and bones.

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