28 Russian Trucks Production

Russian Trucks Production

Posted on June 21, 2012 by team

KazAz is like a heavy weight boxer in the Russian automobile industry. Let’s shortly see how it’s produced.

Colorful wires

Not a movie transformer but the KamAz skeleton

Can you count them all?

Hard-working heart of the truck. It is intended for 700 000 km and can go to the Moon and back… Local cardiologists know their business well!

Annually they produce 45 000 trucks.

via egor-lavrentiev

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28 Responses to “Russian Trucks Production”

  1. -Zlodey- says:

    Air Bag is cannot endure many russian weather conditions.

  2. boogie says:

    they use leaf springs on this 6×6 vehicles and air suspension on some other models.

  3. Anonymouns Coward says:

    Those are fine looking trucks. They make American trucks look rinky dink.

    • SSSR says:

      Have you seen Americas trucks?They make these trucks look rinky dink!

      • -Zlodey- says:

        We have Kraz trucks for this one.
        But, its hard to compare. Our trucks made for hard road (or even offroad) and weather conditions.
        American trucks made for long run on good roads.

  4. Tim Dennison says:

    These trucks all could match the USAs new medium tactical military trucks. I think the conversion to military use would be easy, and probably part of the design? I see the air intake is near the roof of the cab, so that the truck can cross water

  5. Tim Dennison says:

    Weird, that tire is directional, can only be mounted one one side. That means you have to carry twice as many spare tires:(((

  6. jeffrey pigden says:

    Only 700k kms for that diesel engine! We look toward 1million kms for western designs.

  7. jeffrey pigden says:

    These would be the equivalent of North American ‘vocational’ trucks; dump trucks, concrete mixers etc. Load capacity and shock strength over smooth ride.

  8. Ivan G. says:

    I would love to have one. Looks like a great solid build.

  9. Dudek says:

    It was very old models. Very long long time not changes trucks. Are not modern.

  10. YJ says:

    Real man’s suspension is made out of solid steels.

  11. cockatrice says:

    Airbag Suspensions nice for paved highways, didn’t last long on our log trucks.

  12. Chai says:

    Fantastically modern facility!

    Are all of the units for Russian consumption?

    Are there exports? How do they rate?

  13. GSG says:

    These trucks are very good. The Kamaz is the best truck team at the Dakar rally.They are only truck team in the world,which is 10 time Dakar champion!
    And Kamaz team pilot, Vladimir Chagin is the best truck pilot of the Dakar-rally. He is 7 time Dakar winner!He is the Schumacher of Dakar!

    • marked one says:

      Youre troll man, they are best on DAKAR only because they can build brand new truck overnight when one dies because theyre getting billions from oligrachs! Btw they use tank motors for that dakar kamazs, Czech TATRA is small team with original technology which can match even with dollarbags for KAMAZs without so big funds – search for TATRA DAKAR team and first multiple truck champion Karel Loprais, thats oldschool dude! Btw his son continues riding for TATRA team with new technology able to beat KAMAZs

  14. That’s a nice post.thank you for share~kenny

  15. XyuH says:

    KAMAZ is a piece of shit truck. After > 3000 miles chassis cracks along welding. Its really big gamble to own one as you do not know what is going to fail next.

    • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

      Kamaz vehicles are designed from the start to be tough, and you say that a chassis (one of the strongest parts of a truck) cracks in less than 5000km?

  16. Oliver says:

    Should redesign the cab, looks too old, better polstering and comfort for the driver, also it would be nice to round some edges on those boxi cabins :) otherwise good truck .

  17. Helennak says:

    Kamaz trucks are being developed from the start as a possible military duty vehicles, as many other russian car models. Considering harsh weather and road conditions, Kamaz structure consistently remains as simple and crude as possible, no complicated system is going to stay intact in Far North, East or Mongolian deserts, also such policy makes it possible to mend most critical failures in the middle of taiga or tundra.

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