22 Dogs With Wolf Blood

Dogs With Wolf Blood

Posted on June 21, 2012 by team

Attempts to cross dogs and wolves have been made since the time of the Ancient Rome. And only the project of the Perm wolf-dogs can be called successful.

It started 13 years ago when Vyacheslav at his own risk and for his own money bought a two-years-old wolf Naida from the man who had been going to stuff her.
She turned out to be a unique animal. As opposed to other wolves that are naturally very cautious and apprehensive, Naida did not have neophobia at all, i.e. she was not afraid of everything new and easily got into contact with men.

The professor had been looking for a partner for Naida for 4 years. Eventually it became a male German shepherd and their first offspring showed that the work in this direction had to be continued.

The hybrids were stronger, of greater endurance, they rarely fell ill and had an incredible scent. For example they can find a trace three days old while for ordinary dogs 6-8 hours is a limit.
They live 25-30 years, the wolf-dogs are easily trainable. It was clear they were perfect for serving in the army or at a customs.
But they were useful in medicine too – thanks to their perfect scent they could distinguish blood of an oncological patient from blood of a healthy person! Sounds fantastic but it’s a fact!


Sometimes they become aggressive but it is still easily controlled.

They trust their owners but must be shown who’s the real leader anyway. It remains the main problem, the wolf-dogs are still not so trusted as they have to. A strong animal needs even a stronger owner and it’s not so simple.

Many of them already serve in the police, army: in Chechnya, Gelendzhik, Samara, Ural cities…

The professor believes that the ideal dog must have 10% of wolf blood or, to be more precise, genetic material. It’s the fifth generation of wolf-dogs, and the result is almost achieved: these animals are 25% wolves, 75% – dogs.


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22 Responses to “Dogs With Wolf Blood”

  1. citydog says:

    There is so much bu***it and misinformation here I don’t even know where to start.

    • Foq says:

      this. and we are back to the dictionary deal..
      These pups have an amazing scent (not a sense of smell, I mind you, scent)

    • Sindbad says:

      Tell the most striking misinformation and then contiune to the next one, but al least enumerate some

    • Gunsmoke says:

      Big time!!

    • James says:

      The bullsh*t is that you’re not pond scum. Wolfdogs aren’t toys, its fu*king retards like you that screwed up pits and now are fu*king wolfdogs.

      What the problem nig… you can’t get a girl, got to screw the dog to feel special

  2. robin yates says:

    I have heard of these wolf hybrids.A friend in the UK was trying to buy 3 as guard dogs.They were in Hungary, not Ukraine

  3. josef says:

    well the original german shepherds were then bred for dog shows which resulted in hip problems for the breed in general. Belgian malinois is what a lot of Western continentals use. English speaking countries are still “destroying” the German Shepherd breed.

  4. Tovarich Volk says:

    One of the things that I’ve noticed about Wolddogs in general is that they will get along ok with people, but when they encounter a strange dog, they will go into all out destroy mode. I can’t say anything about the longevity of these particular wolf dogs, but the ones that I’ve been around live about the same as a regular dog, and sometimes have shorter lifespans. — Still though, like any other wolf dog, or primitive breed of dog, I wouldn’t trust them unsupervised around small children, as they will have a much higher prey drive.

    • Grim says:

      I have a wolf-hybrid, and she is just the opposite of what you describe here. She is extremely afraid of strange humans, and get along great with other dogs of all sizes. Her best playmate is a Jack Russell. The descriptions you are giving here are those of stereotyped wolf hybrids. Too many people either raise them incorrectly, or do not know how to handle them. And one bad story taints the world. It is not the animal that is at fault. It is the owner. Wolf hybrids are amazing creatures, and one of the best experiences of my life has been owning one. And yes they do tend to live longer lives. In captivity wolves live much longer 20-22 years and a wolf hybrid will benefit from this longer lifespan as well, (30 years is doubtful, but I could see 20 easily).

  5. Testicules says:

    Wolf hybrids have been around for ages. They don’t live 30 years. They are like any other dog. Slightly more agressive and packish. This article is poorly written.

  6. A.Oscar says:

    About wolf-dogs or wild animals: I do not believe the mix-race between wild with the others could be more dangers. The wild blood animals having more instinct towards be or not a leader’s much ease and more intuitive also much easy to read the owner’s mind. All of wild animals; or from there, having a strong sense of knowing someone thoughts, which that’s is why the Leaders must never be afraid of own pet, either wild or domesticated. Mind reading used to be stronger between men and animals, even between humans too. Thoughts are powerful; which should a person train themselves for, when want to understand any kind of animal. Also a person to be a Leader of any organization; even be a teacher, must behavior himself with own thoughts to have progress in mutual respect. By the way you must have a fantastic love to your pet, because with your own thoughts, very easy to control your pet. A.Oscar

  7. James says:

    Are Russians still studying Soviet genetics? Wolves and various dog breeds have been crossed in America since the 1600s. They’re perfectly inter-fertile because they’re separate species in name only.

  8. Chai says:

    Beautiful dogs…

    Well-trained and obviously well-loved.

    The “hip-dysplasia” (wide butt and weak back hip joints is not evident.

    Most importantly… The handlers seem to be very proud and happy.

    “A dog is only as ‘bad’ as his owner”.

  9. SSSR says:

    Dogs understand most of what we say,even complex words!And they can also speak most of what we say,not just from their bark but also from their breath!

  10. dogsarewolves says:

    dogs are wolves

  11. TheBlueCoyote says:

    Wolf hybrids are so common across the American west that some have become feral and have been interbreeding in with wild wolves for generations. It’s not uncommon for a captured or autopsied wolf’s DNA to show domestic dog ancestry. I’ve seen wolf/dog hybrids from the Dakotas to New Mexico and west.

  12. KenM says:

    For those interested in some more detail & a better write-up on the subject:
    PS: thanks for the great pictures!

  13. Gunsmoke says:

    Grim is correct. I to own a high Per. Hybrid. There’s not a mean or aggressive bone in his body. Great with grandkids and his best friends are two bird dogs and a 10 lbs multipoo. He has been a pleasure and we love him dearly.

  14. Krutsinger says:

    There can be all different % of hybrids. If they are directly spawn from a full blood wolf crossed with strictly a dog, you will have an animal with a huge prey drive, and not good with stranger humans. However, you have hybrid from several couplings down like 8th generation meaning F1 gen bred to a dog, now 50% and that bred to a 50/50 hybrid now a 60% wolf with 40% dog breed now to an all dog resulting pups that are 25% wolf, 25% dog and 50% dog now bred with a wolf and so on until you have 8 litters. In the eight litter you will finally see some predictable domestic dog traits like ok around kids and strangers. but they will still have huge territorial drive, need for raw meat diet, escape artists, judgmental of stupid or disabled people, and highly territorial of their human leader. However, usually will not guard property other than from other animals. whar.org

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