12 Forgotten North Land

Forgotten North Land

Posted on June 20, 2012 by team

We’ve already visited Baikit and Vanavara – places in Evenkia. Today Kuyumba village is going to meet us.

Once a week a helicopter flies here for people who want to get to the mainland.

In summer it’s cheaper and easier to get there by boat.

50 km is the distance till the nearest village. There are many lodges on the bank, hunters leave homes for some weeks or even months.

The population is about 150 people. There are a kindergarten, a school and a shop here. But there is no mobile connection.

Almost all locals go hunting or fishing, there are no jobs in Kuyumba in fact. Some of them are employed to oil wells nearby on a rotational basis.

The ship loaded with oil. “Black gold” is transported by river.

Filling station

There are 20 workers in the sawmill operators’ camp

The workers drink much so they have not strict discipline here.

Here they eat

Ilyaz works at a diesel station and like everyone in Kuyumba he goes hunting and fishing, salary only is not enough to feed his family. He has been to various cities, seen life there, but still does not want to leave. Got used to the place.

Nikolay is good at hunting as well as drinking

One of his lodges

Local weather station

It’s been here since 1952

3 persons work here, products are brought to them twice a year

Green houses

Claudia says that lately they have seen bears often

Guns are forbidden so it’s dogs that drive bears away

Drill hole

The guys make wooden boats

Alexander lives in a small semi-abandoned settlement

Petrol is expensive, only sables help to survive

They do not care much about events happening in Russia

The only thing they want is to secede from the Krasnoyarsk region…

Location: Kuyumba

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12 Responses to “Forgotten North Land”

  1. sandeep_halder says:

    the place is beautiful but life is not. their life is tough indeed. but again Russians are tougher. very nice post

  2. Unknown says:

    “Guns are forbidden” and there’s a guy with a rifle on the photos.

  3. 山下智久 says:


  4. sandeep_halder says:

    there is not just gun but he is also shooting at something… maybe it’s licensed

  5. annie says:

    i love the children smile

  6. todd says:

    I take my hat off to these guys they are the real mountain men log cabin to boot every thing in the wild.

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