3 Freedom Cars In Tula, Part II

Freedom Cars In Tula, Part II

Posted on June 18, 2012 by team

Another photo set of cars from Autostrada 2012 in Tula. The first part is here.

Toyota Mark II


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3 Responses to “Freedom Cars In Tula, Part II”

  1. Cubi says:

    I like small ATVs, especially the Moskvitsch 410 seems to be a great car.

  2. CZenda says:

    Ford Capri Mk IIIs are immensely popular here. The reason is quite simple – “The Professionals” TV series.

  3. Berlinetta says:

    I had a Ranchero 500 just like that in highschool, 351 cleveland except mine was red and black.

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