10 Military Treasury of Moscow

Military Treasury of Moscow

Posted on June 17, 2012 by team

Bomb-throwing guns

406mm self-propelled gun of special power SM-54 “Kondensator-2P”. While shooting the recoil force was that much that the gun moved several meters backwards. Combat weight – 64 t, weapon mass – 20 t, shooting range – 25600 m, shell RDC-41 weight – 41570 kg.

Soviet short-range air defence system S-125 “Neva”.

Medium-range missile launcher RSD-10 “Pioneer”



Small amphibian tank T-38, 1936

Ka-27 – a Soviet multi-purpose ship helicopter. Its main task – search and destruction of submarines.

German 158mm 6-barrel rocket projector

Armoured locomotive, 1896

Light armoured vehicle BA-64, 1942. Armour thickness – 12 mm, equipped with a 7,62 mm gun, crew – 2 persons.

MiG 21-SM, 1968

MiG 21F-13

Mi-24A. Soviet combat-transport helicopter.

MiG 15 in the foreground

Location: Moscow

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10 responses to “Military Treasury of Moscow”

  1. commissar paul says:

    Awesome pics. Please post more. Commissar Paul

  2. Darkness 99 says:

    “shell RDC-41 weight – 41570 kg.”

    OMG, that’s the weight of an average ICBM (the actual projectile weight was about half a ton. And it was not loaded with a usual TNT, of course)

  3. jeffrey pigden says:

    Your photo – centrarmforces001-31.jpg, your description – Grenade Machine Gun SPG-9, 1963; correct description 105mm recoilless rifle.

  4. nicolas from France says:

    Nice topic, really cool for memorial.

  5. lax says:

    “Remains of an American air scout Lockheed U-2 knocked in May, 1st, 2961 under Sverdlovsk.”
    Wow, they seem got it over 900 years from now…

  6. -Zlodey- says:

    Russians will not hold such big territory for centuries if they not know how to fight.

    BTW, this: http://media.englishrussia.com/112012/armedforsmus/centrarmforces001-38.jpg

    are dashboard form “Vostok” spaceship.

  7. Chico says:

    406mm self-propelled gun of special power SM-54 “Kondensator-2P… looks cool 🙂

  8. Emperor Norton says:

    That beer stein, who would have thought the Nazis were into Death Metal kitsch?

  9. AdrianR says:

    Remains of an American air scout Lockheed U-2 knocked in May, 1st, 2961 under Sverdlovsk.
    It is wrong change date 🙂

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