10 Military Treasury of Moscow

Military Treasury of Moscow

Posted on June 17, 2012 by team

We are at the Central Armed Forces Museum of Moscow. Where else one can see so much military equipment in one place?

The museum has been existing since 1919, in the new building – since 1965. It’s one of the largest historic and military country museums. More or less modern equipment was brought here 15-20 years for the last time.

Stand with manual armament. To the left is a light anti-tank weapon RPG-29 “Vampire” and 105 mm ammunition for it. From top to bottom: 9mm noiseless gun of Serdyukov system “Val”; 5,45mm gun of Nikonov system An-94 “Abakan”. Green box on legs is an AP mine. To the right – an anti-tank mine U-TM-83.

LAW RPG-18 “Mukha”. Lower is an anti-tank granade PG-9. RPG-16, a manual anti-tank grenade launcher, is under it. The lowest is a manual grenade F-1, manual grenade RGD-5 and two push-button AP mines.

From top to bottom and from the left to the right. 7,62mm sniper’s rifle of Dragunov, 1963. AK-105. Lower are scout’s knives, a noiseless self-loading gun of Levchenko system. .

Samples of body guarding screens with bullet marks.

“Kursk” tragedy stand

Guessometers from “Kursk”

Forebody of Su-25

Pot ladle

Beautiful detailed models of various vehicles.


Pipe-assembly cross country vehicle

How many calculators can be made from them?

Radio reconnaissance space module “Svetoch”

Cockpit voice recorder

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile control engine 15A1V

Firing key

Model of an attack plane Su-25

Alcohol burner for disinfection

Working place of a missile system R-16 operator


Grenade Machine Gun -17, “Plamya” (“Flame”), 30mm.

Grenade Machine Gun SPG-9, 1963

12,7mm heavy gun NSV “Utyos”

Submerged gun B-VI-307 of the Shiryav system. Tested in 1969. This modification serves for shooting 4,5mm ammunition.

Light diver equipment. Breathing apparatus on the chest.

Remains of an American air scout Lockheed U-2 knocked in May, 1st, 2961 under Sverdlovsk.

Self-propelled gun intended for landing.

No LED or touch screens!


Coming to the halls devoted to WWII. The museum got frozen somewhere in the end of the 20th century but it attracts a lot of visitors anyway.

Heavy gun of Degtyarev-Shpagin, 1938, 12,7mm

Household and weapons of Soviet partisans. In the centre – a press for turning German trophies into Soviet weapons.

Manual for terrorist beginners. Device used for crashing enemy trains, 1943

“Maxim” gun

German trophy pistol carbine MP-40

These scary needles saved many lives

Part of side armour of a German tank T-VI “Tiger”, hit by an armour piercer of a 57mm anti-tank gun ZIS-2.

Eagle that once beautified the famous building of Reichstag office in Berlin.


Beer mug of a German officer captured in Mamaev Kurgan. Alarm-clock of a German general captured in 1943.

One-weapon deck-based system, 1940. It can shoot 15 kg shell for 21 km.

30mm ship double automatic air defence weapon AK-230

180mm barrel of a ship artillery system. Mass- about 40 tons. Shell mass is 97 kg. Shooting range – 38 km.


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10 responses to “Military Treasury of Moscow”

  1. commissar paul says:

    Awesome pics. Please post more. Commissar Paul

  2. Darkness 99 says:

    “shell RDC-41 weight – 41570 kg.”

    OMG, that’s the weight of an average ICBM (the actual projectile weight was about half a ton. And it was not loaded with a usual TNT, of course)

  3. jeffrey pigden says:

    Your photo – centrarmforces001-31.jpg, your description – Grenade Machine Gun SPG-9, 1963; correct description 105mm recoilless rifle.

  4. nicolas from France says:

    Nice topic, really cool for memorial.

  5. lax says:

    “Remains of an American air scout Lockheed U-2 knocked in May, 1st, 2961 under Sverdlovsk.”
    Wow, they seem got it over 900 years from now…

  6. -Zlodey- says:

    Russians will not hold such big territory for centuries if they not know how to fight.

    BTW, this: http://media.englishrussia.com/112012/armedforsmus/centrarmforces001-38.jpg

    are dashboard form “Vostok” spaceship.

  7. Chico says:

    406mm self-propelled gun of special power SM-54 “Kondensator-2P… looks cool 🙂

  8. Emperor Norton says:

    That beer stein, who would have thought the Nazis were into Death Metal kitsch?

  9. AdrianR says:

    Remains of an American air scout Lockheed U-2 knocked in May, 1st, 2961 under Sverdlovsk.
    It is wrong change date 🙂

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