2 Fuel Oil Spill Right At the Moscow Ring Road

Fuel Oil Spill Right At the Moscow Ring Road

Posted on June 17, 2012 by team

In the end of April one car turned upside down on the Moscow ring road, the car was carrying fuel oil. It got to a storm water drain and then to a lake which is in the Troparevsky landscape reserve. As a result fish and birds died. There are concerns that the pollution zone may grow. Since that moment almost two months have passed but no efficient measures have been taken yet.

The smell of the oil is still rather strong.

All heavy fractions must be already on the bottom…

Oil film on the water, Moscow Ring Road is over there


Here they seemed to try to simply burn it…

Locals hope these barriers can prevent the polluted water come into the brook.

Specially protected nature reserve of Moscow…

Location: Moscow

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2 responses to “Fuel Oil Spill Right At the Moscow Ring Road”

  1. richard says:

    That’s really a sad report. It seems the authorities didn’t have the equipment to block the oil spill before it got further down the stream. What worries me much more is the waste treatment in general in Russia. Not only the toxic waste of the former Soviet times also the new and uprising economy with all the waste it produces. It takes a lot of effort to bring a waste treatment and recycling system in place for whole Russia.

  2. nicolas from France says:

    Disgusting, poor nature this post is very sad

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