9 Wonderful Dubrovitsy Estate

Wonderful Dubrovitsy Estate

Posted on June 15, 2012 by team

Near Podolsk there is Dubrovitsy Estate with its incredibly beautiful Znamensk church.

Dubrovitsy Estate was first mentioned in 1627 as a patrimony of a boyar Morozov, then the estate was passed to the Golitsyns.

The church was built in pseudo- or neogothic style and has no analogs in the temple architecture of Russia.


Location: Dubrovitsy, the Moscow region

via mir_na_karte

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9 responses to “Wonderful Dubrovitsy Estate”

  1. andrei says:

    great architecture

  2. Tovarich Volk says:

    This church is under resoration, isn’t it?

  3. Tovarich Volk says:

    restoration, I mean.

  4. liptonius says:

    Yet another incredible work of art from perhaps 80 years before anyone stacked 12 stone blocks in the U.S.

    Which leads me to my question:


    For years I have come here and read of (and gratefully enjoyed) structures of wood, iron, steel, and stone construction. Of incredible castles, humble cottages, statuary, bridges, churches and everything in between, this story being a real standout!

    (Would love some interior shots, plz.)

    As I understand it, Russians love good food, good drink, good music, pretty women, nice cars, books, art, parties, are incredible builders, and are willing and able to fight ferociously to protect their country.

    This, by the way, also describes Americans. Rather precisely, in fact.

    Your history is rich and as varied as the many peoples that inhabit your land, and yet, those of us on the outside don’t know you at all!

    I never knew that John Paul Jones (“We have not yet BEGUN to fight!”), served in the Russian Navy!

    “Few Americans know that after the American Revolution Jones served for more than a year as a commander in the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, where he scored a minor but daring victory over the Turks.” http://www.ussjohnpauljones.org/AboutRussia.htm

    We fought a common foe in WWII, The Great Patriotic War, and won.

    Why do we not even know you today? It’s almost like discovering a completely new, but significantly similar planet.

    With pretty girls.

    • Alkofunker says:

      Thank you for your comment, liptonius!

      We, the Russians, are just the ordinary people with the same needs and wants as any other nation on this planet.

      The problem is that there are forces that purposefully misinform you about Russia. They demonize Russia, its leadership, and the people in order to pursue their own agenda and to hide the truth from you, that we are all the same.

      As for the American-Russia relations, the two countries were friends before.

      Please read:


    • Kent of Sweden says:

      As someone who was born and still lives in between, I would say the main reason is that neither of your respective leaders wanted you to know anything about each other. It is a known fact that people in general do not like to kill other people. That is why “the enemy” is always described with other words. “The other side” is never human, they are “hunns” “Nazis” “Niggers” “Communists” “VC” or lately “Terrorists”. Killing a Saudi-Arabian father of four children is not as easy as killing “a terrorist”

    • Alkofunker says:

      ‘US, Russia like family members: They love and scrap’


      • liptonius says:

        We in the U.S., drink and enjoy alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, quite a lot.

        Do Scandinavians and Russians drink? I mean, alcohol?

        We have ‘beer’ and ‘whisky’, gin, vodka (I think that’s French or something), and a whole bunch of other things that go well with singing, pretty girls, food cooked on grills and parties in general.

        You should try them sometime! I would be happy to teach you!


        • Annie says:

          You’re being sarcastic, right?

          Vodka originates from Russia. I believe Russians just like Americans are avid alcohol drinkers.

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