10 Production of Su-34 In Novosibirsk

Production of Su-34 In Novosibirsk

Posted on June 14, 2012 by team

Final assembly shop

Mounting equipment

The aviation equipment is made by 6000 workers and specialists. Their average age is 25-40 years old.

Aviation equipment engineers are highly demanded.

Empennage actuator


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10 Responses to “Production of Su-34 In Novosibirsk”

  1. I can classify this airplane and Im from Wisconsin, USSA (the West).

    It is an A6 with balls. It even has the same wing form.

    • lbytesxk says:

      The A6 was an attack plane in Navy, this is fighter, otherwise you’re right on

      • Eneils Bailey says:

        It is classified a fighter-bomber by the Russian Air Force. It was developed as a new multi-role tactical aircraft to replace the swing-wing Su-24.

    • Eneils Bailey says:

      It does resemble the “Intruder.” The pilot/commander and the navigator/weapons operator sit side by side in the cockpit. I am surprised that the total to be acquired is 120 units, I thought it would be much more. It appears to be a unique hybrid searching for a substantial role in the Russian Air Force. The Russian have been toying with this concept for a fighter/bomber around since 1980. It would be a nice export weapon.

  2. DouglasU says:

    Warplanes …when we desperately need hospital MRI units. Sad really.

  3. mittens says:


  4. liptonius says:

    Does the long tail pod contain electronic or is it a housing for a set of speed reducing flaps such as were used by the Germans on some dive-bomber variants?

    • eneils says:

      That p&&is-shaped object protruding from the rear of the plane is actually a rearward-facing warning radar. This is probably needed because the plane can not maintain a constant 1.8 mach air speed for long periods of time at higher altitudes. The maximum speed at low altitudes is 1.2 mach. It is a defensive option for a relatively slow moving plane as far as modern jets are considered.

  5. E.Blackman says:

    Is this article also available in English?

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