14 Garbage Collector Vadim

Garbage Collector Vadim

Posted on June 14, 2012 by team

We are at the garbage polygon of Perm to see how a local garbage collector works.

Area of thermal treatment of waste

Vadim and his brother save people from various dangerous stuff that remains in a working process of medical institutions.

Look how beautiful and no photoshop or anything…

Expired syringes, droppers, bloody bandages, expired medicines, needles, tampons… Sometimes even amputated hands and legs, dead dogs…

Vadim with brother have made two furnaces from some cisterns and iron pieces where they burn it all.
In order no bacteria, no microbe survive through the thick hoses oxygen is delivered to the furnaces from the compressor.

Vadim shows containers they make and supply to their clients for temporary waste storage.

Changing room. He has a kettle here, a TV set, a sofa – all he needs. He shoots all the working process with a camera to have a proof that he works well.

He uses special means of protection when works with dangerous materials.

300 dollars is their monthly salary

Sometimes they have so many sacks they have to put them in a fridge till the next day.

Nothing survives after the hellish fire. It’s all put in sacks, carried to the polygon and buried.

List of wastes

Location: Perm

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14 Responses to “Garbage Collector Vadim”

  1. Faith Gorodki says:

    That should be illegal

  2. shaunot says:

    that guy deserves a medal. there’s no way he is paid enough to handle and store what is potentially infected syringes. they should at least buy more stuff for his facility.

  3. Rafe says:

    In your face greenpeace & human rights

  4. Boa says:

    How environmentally friendly is this processing: no filters, no treatment, nothing. Typical eastern thinking

  5. CZenda says:

    WTF? Guess the chances are he is HIV-positive after handling millions of syringes this way. I´ve just remembered “Gomorra”.

  6. jeremy says:

    I think burning with a lot of oxygen from compressor is not that dirty (well unless its just a normal air pump) – most of toxic gases will burn to simpler stuff etc. This man deserves more respect. We live in strange world – hardest work is least respected while politicians earn fortunes.

  7. 1934NFA says:

    “…while politicians earn fortunes…..”
    Yes,they should be there with Vadim,but on the other side of the furnace walls…….

  8. liptonius says:

    In a perfect world, a fusion reactor would break these wastes down to the atomic level and provide gigawatts of power for all mankind.

    This man is using the best practices and responsible recording he has available, and the fact that he is alive is a testament to his success.

    “The ‘Perfect’ is all too often the enemy of the ‘Good’.

    Better this, than piles of deadly toxins in a landfill.

  9. albo says:

    Are. You. Kidding?

    THIS is how a Russian town disposes of hazardous waste? Some dude does it in a handmade furnace? Is there any regulatory oversight? Is he even sober?

  10. Thor says:

    Western thinking condemns this, yet at the same time it contradicts itself. In soviet times this waste would be taken to large government run treatment facilities and disposed of. Western capitalists are against that because it isn’t private sector, yet this man runs a private sector disposal business and you complain because it isn’t the large disposal facilities they had in soviet times.

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