6 Pangolin Mercedes

Pangolin Mercedes

Posted on June 13, 2012 by team

This is Mercedes S65 AMG Dragon. Konig Motor company is ready to make a unique  luxury sedan for $68 200. Luckily the guys from Konig Motor didn’t touch the engine of the car, it is still powered by 12-cylinder V-motor (612hp, 1000N·m).


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6 Responses to “Pangolin Mercedes”

  1. Adriaan says:

    You have money, but no style. That is obvious!!!

  2. ABB says:

    Russian taste strikes again!

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    Keep it out of China, they’ll try to eat it. Or is it they only eat baby pangolins?
    Those guys, they’ll eat something until it’s extinct, then ask “what’s next on the menu?”

  4. matt says:

    looks like shit!

  5. jeebs says:

    WOW super tacky

  6. SSSR says:

    Why spend that much money when you could buy a slightly used BMW or Mercedes for under $15,000!

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