18 10 Facts About Drinking Culture In Russia

10 Facts About Drinking Culture In Russia

Posted on June 13, 2012 by team

The Slavs didn’t have strong drinks even during feasts.

Slavic mead was a popular drink but its strength was 5-16 %. Not stronger than wine.

Word “alcohol” has an Arab origin, it was pronounced as “Al’ Khol'” and meant “cosmetic color”.

The first attempts to import vodka to Rus were made by Europeans in the 15th century.

Neither rum nor other alcoholic drinks had been wide spread in Rus till the time of Peter the Great.

It was Peter the Great, who got in contact with Europeans, ordered to import alcohol in large amounts and drink it during feasts.

Foreigners were often surprised that Russians have so few pubs where people could drink.

In the end of the 16th century Veliky Novgorod had only one pub for the whole city and it was finally closed following the requests of the city citizens.

Only by the midlle of the 17th century Russians began to get accustomed to pubs, the state understood that it might be highly taxed.

There are some versions of the word “vodka” origin known since the 17 century. Some believe that “vodka” is originated from the word “voda” (“water”), other suppose it originates from the word “vodit'” (which means “to lead the game”). Though the Poles insist it were them who invented the word.

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18 Responses to “10 Facts About Drinking Culture In Russia”

  1. Ted says:

    Alcoholism is a massive issue that’s killing the Russian race. And it became a serious issue during the Soviet times when life was bad. Now we need (r)evolution, the resident troll, to tell us how communism is still in my and everyone’s best interest.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Alcohol is tied to humanity due to our evolution from tree-dwelling primates that feasted primarily on berries and fruits (the overripe ones loaded with alcohol). Like violence and tribalism (see Ted above), alcohol is in our genetic fibre.

    • Emperor Norton says:

      This has nothing do with human origins and everything to do with civilization. In urban areas before the mid 20th Century the water was contaminated with raw sewage. Back then alcohol was safer than the water.

      Irony here is it’s very likely agriculture and then cites were started to grow wheat for beer.

    • Dickey Splurge says:

      Mass alcohol production first began near the Mediterranean sea, and those people have a much lower rate of alcoholism. Evolution apparently sorted out the addicts.

    • Nergol says:

      More like: Communism took the land of Tolstoi and Gogol and turned it into a country full of hopeless drunks.

  3. GENY says:

    russia has drinking culture? i didnt know that.

  4. www says:

    Peter the Great = idiot

  5. Maesrobert says:

    The titles and artists of the paintings should be given.

  6. Daniel says:

    Very nice paintings.

  7. DUBOIS says:

    Word “alcohol” has an Arab origin, it was pronounced as “Al’ Khol’” and meant “cosmetic color”.
    This is not the exact meaning.
    In fact Al khol mean to became mad. In one case when men see eyes arounded by “Khol” or when drinking “alcool”.

  8. SSSR says:

    I like the vodka bottles.I would like to add them to my collection.

  9. shaunot says:

    The UK has a serious drinking problem too. But they just sweep that under the carpet so people don’t ask why all the land is in private hands and why everyone lives in rabbit hutches in cities full of crime.

  10. liptonius says:

    Problems abound with the abuse of anything.

    Too much sugar, fat, opium, stupidity, racism, religion.

    For me, I accept the risks of overindulgence, and would not trade the joys and benefits of a cool beer after a long, hot, hard days work, a glass of wine (or three) with a delicious and simple dinner of pasta with a piquant sauce, and, there are times when icy cold, pure vodka clean my palate, clear my head and make life worth living.

    It’s the excess that gets you, and using alcohol to hide from problems and misery is the fast track to hell.

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