8 Travelling Along the Russian Far East

Travelling Along the Russian Far East

Posted on June 12, 2012 by team

Extreme tour all over Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok. The Far Eastern part.

The biggest head of Lenin is in Ulan-Ude. It is 8 m high and it has Buryat slant of palpebral fissures.

Ivolginsky Datsan

Datsan was started to be built in 1945.

Beautiful doors

In the end of the road M55 “Baikal” that is called the most beautiful road of Russia for some reason. Hardly it really is.


Proper vehicles for moving along Tansbaikal


2 000 km of road romance in taiga. Notes of long-distance truck drivers.

Border of Siberia and the Far East


Steam generator with a fire hose serving as a pulley wheel (Skovorodino)

Aliens met on the way

Hero city Blagoveschensk

In Khabarovsk

Heihe, Chine is opposite to Blagoveschensk

Batmobile in Blagoveschensk

Cool retro vending machine with a Chinese display

Weird architecture

M58 road

That column on the bill was shopped!!!

Khabarovsk is a nice city. Clean, with wide streets and sidewalks.

People have nice places to walk along. The embankment has been recently repaired.

Border ship is standing guard! What if someone decides to swim to China?

The streets are hilly..

The third highest temple in Russia. Divine service can be heard from loudspeakers!

Not so hospitable Vladivostok

In a Chinese restaurant

“Pee but not poo!”

Vladivostok lighthouse

“Long live Soviet Union!”

Wonderful sea

Local landscapes

They say here is a 70W bulb that costs 2,5 million rubles (83 000 USD)

Bridge over Zolotoy Rog

The best city view

Bridge to Russkiy Island

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8 Responses to “Travelling Along the Russian Far East”

  1. Foq says:

    Batmobile? A stock corvette more like it…

  2. Richard S says:

    I am curious what the N Korea and Russian border crossing looks like…

    • Babysitter says:

      There is a video on Youtube. Narrow gravel road with small rusty barbed wire fence and iron gate and a single bored guard. Barely anything happens there.

  3. CZenda says:

    What exactly was extreme about the trip?

  4. Mercal says:

    You know China is near by because of vessels carrying Chinese goods to America.

  5. Mark Knudsen says:

    Amazing pictures. You can see the complete contrast of the two nations which also happens to be side by side. In addition, they are political allies. Anyway, I think you has an amazing trip, and thanks for sharing it to us.

  6. swedish prostitutes never finished anything in history says:

    whats up with the filter it looks like 70s but its not as you can see on the new bridge in valdovostock?? you make this on porpoise why??

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