5 How They Sow Wheat In Kazakhstan

How They Sow Wheat In Kazakhstan

Posted on June 12, 2012 by team

The Northern Kazakhstan region is the smallest in the republic. It has no oil, gas, aluminium, coal or other minerals but its earth is fertile and its main product is bread!  Let’s visit the land of severe northern men and see how they get ready for sowing.

Birzhan is an owner of the farm that collected the record amount of crop last season.

Usually farmers’ day starts at 6 am.

Canteen workers prepare food for the departure.

Svetlana’s been working here for 9 years. In summer she cooks food in camps, in winter she works in restaurants.

List of products for one person.

Alexey is a foreman, has been working in crop industry for almost 9 years. He believes their crop to be the best.

Crop is drying in the sun. It is the very crop to be used for sowing.

People who sow wheat. They have been working together for many years.

120 workers go for sowing. They are divided for brigades and occupy their fields.

Someone immediately goes to a field, others stay to repair the equipment first.

Birzhan started his business from 29 hectares of land. It was 16 years ago. Now he has 12,5 thousand hectares of land under his control. 10 thousands of them are for sowing.

Aul Daiyndyk is announced to be the best in the Northern Kazkhstan region. To a large extent it’s thanks to Birzhan. He develops the village infrastructure and employs many people.

Birzhan also builds houses for his workers. Absolutely free.

The fields are his main pride. He even names them.

Birzhan brought equipment from abroad for work in the fileds. Its total cost is 11 million dollars.

Apart from sowing people are occupied with animal husbandry.

For sowing they have to prepare seed and fields first. In spring, when snow starts melting they prepare equipment. They take necessary measures to prevent weeds from growing.

The seed must be checked in a lab.

When the seed is sown the fields must be smoothed. Then shoots appear. The fields need chemical treatment and good weather. It’s important if it rains or not.

Sme years are unsuccessful. Such a year was 2010. The weather was dry. Only 18 quintals were got from a hectare.

But in 2011 they got 39 quintals from a hectare.

Almost all men of the village work in the fields. Despite their age. Their average monthly salary is about 450 USD.

Zhenya is a beginner in this work. He’s going to be an agronomist.

New vehicles have made the work more efficient

Baitoly is a tractor driver, he has been working in farming for 7 years. He says that their daily plan is 70 hectares but they usually try to sow 70-120 hectares. In clear days they manage to do more.

Vyacheslav has been a tractor driver for 15 years. In summer he sees his family seldom. But in winter they get tired to be so much together.

Lunch for one person costs 0,67 USD. Dinner is free.

Lunch in the field. They try to enjoy each minute of rest!

The village has a mosque, a culture centre, a feldsher-midwife station and a nice school.

Locals may ask for good harvest in a mosque.

Hope they will have good harvest this year too!

Location: Dayindyk

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  1. Matt Dean says:

    Successful farmers indeed! I can see good farming equipment such as Amazone seeders and Catterpillar tractor. Kirovets tractor are robusts and made to last though!

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Without the MTS, the ag has lost it’s charm. And is there anything better than Russian Rye Bread?

  3. UbiKentang says:

    A modern ways in Agriculture. However, labour still played important role in the job. Quite big farm, must be a good management there.

  4. Mercal says:

    Looks like mostly American farm tractors.

    The Russian ones must not last long.

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