25 Bumps Can Be Different!

Bumps Can Be Different!

Posted on June 11, 2012 by team

One man caught a bump and flew from the road in his FF2. We are not sure what the bump it was but seeing this makes us think that some bumps are real evil.


Looking for spare parts

Oh these tough Russian roads…

The driver’s door was managed to be opened only in half an hour!


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25 Responses to “Bumps Can Be Different!”

  1. Mitch says:

    And now, it’s a rolling death-trap. Congratulations.

  2. People's Commissar says:

    Illegal in my country.

  3. John : Melbourne Australia says:

    What was that all about ?? Come on EnglshRussia , lift your game !! That was a crap article..

  4. cro says:

    And now, to the car market! Ford Focus, first owner, in great condition, newer had a scratch,a bargain! ( dont forget to tune milaege a bit down )

  5. Leann says:

    Why is that interesting?!

  6. Topiax says:

    Pretty clever, those Russian mechanics!

  7. ABB says:

    *armenian used car salesman*

    Very good car bro! brand new, no salvage title it only has 5000 kilometers. very good deal bro!

  8. YJ says:

    Russia car blender of the world.

  9. From Sweden says:

    This is great! If this would be seen in Sweden, the billboards would read “SHOCK TONIGHT; CAR WAS REPAIRED AND LOOKS OK!”.

    If some people would repair their cars instead of going the classic Swedish car-insurance “whoops”, this would be more common. I just hope that the repairguy is as good with painting as he/she is with welding and metalwork :)

    Good post anyway, despite the others whining.

  10. SebaSan1981 says:

    In my country (Poland) more than 50% od all >5 year old cars has been repaired like this car:)

  11. WWtS says:

    Russian roads is the main reason why Russia was never conquered. Napoleon failed, Churchill failed, Hitler failed…

    • alessio215 says:

      who knows .. the way in was easy, but the troops were hard to supply with clothing food and armament..

      Maybe also the harsh conditions , russian winters , vast areas, slavik stubbornes to give in and russian philosophy about:
      (russia is not a country but a state of mind)

    • tudor thomas says:


  12. Tovarich Volk says:

    That’s actually not illegal to do here in the US, but after something like this the car has to be retitled with a salvage title. –Using a regular title on a car like this is illegal.

  13. Mercal says:

    Ford is the worst of cars it should have been crushed.

  14. asdfasdf says:

    Can any of you actually explain how the welding compromised the car’s structure???

    • DR says:

      Quite, it looks like a perfectly competent repair to me. The trouble is most people have no idea what actually happens when they bend their car and the insurance company carts it off to the body shop.

    • jac says:

      With pleasure: Welding a car in spots not originally designed so, might strendhten/weaken it in a very spot, which would change the car behaviour during future accident. In a garage like that there’s no control over the strenght/correctness of the joint.
      2. Any welding will start to rust quicker than the original car due to chemical process it introduces. Original weld parts are galvanically protected against it, and the inner profiles waxed.
      3. You never know whether the car hasn’t suffered any minor bends which would result in future road misbehaviour.
      Would you feel safe in a car that could possibly brake in two once the rust comes (and it always comes from the inside)..

  15. SSSR says:

    I bet Honda has a stronger inner cage than Ford.I hate Focus,the dash in the first model year makes my eyes go crosseyed!

  16. komar says:

    good work

  17. dylan says:

    that was actually a very well done repair. something i wouldnt be surpirsed to see is where they just bent it all back out leaving the old panels, just filling w/ body filler and 1 new door. now thats the cheap way.

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