26 Afghan War 1979 1989. Views From Another Angle

Afghan War 1979 1989. Views From Another Angle

Posted on June 11, 2012 by team

Observing the war from the Afghan side.


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26 Responses to “Afghan War 1979 1989. Views From Another Angle”

  1. robin yates says:

    same weapons, same Afghans, no one has ever beaten them in their country,

    • jeebs says:

      I sometimes wonder who will invade after the Americans leave I mean that country has been invaded by everyone. I think china will try next or maybe Iran why you ask who knows

      • Billy says:

        Why would anyone want to invade that country? Let’s just get out of there. As long as they do not harbor terrorist, let them be. Let them live like the times of Alexander. We will never change them, maybe we should’nt

        • iHME says:

          If we let them be they will produce shitloadsof heroin for the Russian and European markets. Some of it will find it’s way to the statrs too, they manufacture 80% of worlds supply afteral.
          Maybe if the taliban gets back in power the heroin trade might get squashed.

      • Connor T says:

        Let’s get realistic Afghanistan will be like every country they’ve ever entered. They will never leave.

    • Sindbad says:

      Alexander the great and Gengish khan defeated them

  2. cro says:

    Damn, they always loved holes in the ground.. No wonder Russians and Americans underastimated them. And they are on the home ground..
    They hawe interesting weapons collection, is that a Lee Enfield bolt rifle? I bet its better in the Afghan moutains than any AK or M16, especialy in hands of good marksman…

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Of course it’s better, it’s an accurate distance weapon. Both the AK and M16 are short range weapons, with the M16 being a little better at distance than the AK. In general, the AK is a sturdy weapon, that will fire under almost any condition, but it’s accuracy sucks. The M16 is more accurate because has tighter tolerances, but because of that will jam more easier.

      The M1 Garand would kick butt up there also. It’d certainly move the snipers further out and make their jobs harder.

      • Zach says:

        Khyber pass weapons are not the same guns you are thinking of…they are graded from okay to OMFG HAKIM WHERE IS YOUR ARMS.

  3. mich says:

    it is not the same! now they are bad, isn’t it?

  4. Xoliul says:

    Fantastic, wish to see more of this kind of thing on ER!

  5. shaunot says:

    two keema naans, four rogan josh with pilau rice, seven rubicon mango drinks and do you know where I can get some paan chewing tobacco mate?

  6. YJ says:

    I hated this s hole.

  7. Satan the stoned says:

    Nice CIA publicity shots :)

  8. Tommo says:

    No wonder they lost of the Russians were drinking Oranjeboom!

  9. Surav says:

    Heros than and now! Dead to all americans!

  10. Dai says:

    What is on 2nd photo?
    Part of heli?

  11. Mercal says:

    This country is Hell on earth it is nothing more than dirt & rocks.

    These people are like cave men.

  12. CIA says:

    Welcome to our heroin and terrorist plantation. Glad you like it !

  13. Matlok says:

    One of the Muj in the lower left corner of photo 11 is holding a Martini Henry, Now that’s old school cool!

  14. TropicalStorm says:

    The only way to clean up this place is to nuke it flat and turn it into a parking lot.

  15. Dbop says:

    Did anyone else notice the non-Afghan fella taking a knee in photo 7? Any ideas about that?

  16. Alain says:

    Look at their Clothes, in most cases
    it is Too clean to be from Ordinary people ;)

    CIA publicity shots

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