3 Club of a Hundred Years Old Ladies

Club of a Hundred Years Old Ladies

Posted on June 10, 2012 by team

Wonderful photos from Esquire magazine. These women are hundred years old and over. They were about 10 during the revolution and they were 30 when they suffered WWII. They lived during different governing epochs, under rule of the tsar, Stalin and Putin. So they have their own opinions of everything in the world.

Raisa Korneevna Komisarova, 100 yo, Moscow

Was born in Kashira.
She worked in Magadan as a head of a warehouse, train operator and Morse specialist.

“I had a family but they all died. From 11 family members only me is alive. Don’t know when I die. I am even afraid… who knows how long I am going to live! I am tired to live. In my three rooms I am all alone.. Even have nobody to speak with.

Once I killed a person. In 1925 I worked as a telegrapher and a Morse specialist. 6 years later I was employed to work in the metropolitan. And once I ran over a woman who commited suicide this way – she put her head on the rail and I didn’t manage to react in a right way. I applied the brakes but the train didn’t stop and kept going though slower. The woman was beheaded. She had a letter to her mother in her pocket “Dear mom, I lied to you, he was married for the second time. I can’t live this way… Say hello to daddy”. It was not my fault and I was not punished.

When I wake up I am not sure if it’s daytime or night.. here’s how my life goes…

Authorities send me letters asking to live long, they seem to respect me.

I was a party member for 50 years. But was not accepted to Komsomol, couldn’t answer one question. And I’ve never gone to churches.

I have always had money, never incurred debts. And I wouldn’t work for pennies. I’d choose the place where I am well paid.

I do not like greedy people. Yes, I’ve always had money but always helped others.

I watch TV only at 9 pm, newscast. I already do not think anything about the country, politics, anything. I am just waiting for death. But current president is a good person, I guess. And he has a modest wife. I’d never invite anyone but close people to celebrate my 100’s anniversary  – doctors and a social worker Tanya.

My sisters died early because they had lunch only. As for me, I get up at night and eat or drink milk. If I want fish I eat fish.

What should I expect now? I was expecting a centenary, but should I expect the 200’s anniversary now? They say “Live long, we need you”, but why do they need me?  Don’t know.”

Khanna Moiseevna Shklovskaya, 101 yo, Moscow

Was born in Ukraine.
Moved to Moscow from Leningrad when retired. Worked as a supervisor at a military plant.

” I am one year and 8 months… In this new century of mine.

In May, 9th everybody laughed of happiness but I was crying, I knew that my husband died. My sister was hiding a “killed in battle” notice from me, he had been killed in 1944. Since that time I have been living alone and growing our two children.

Children and old men take tragedies easier. When the war was over me and my daughter came back to Leningrad. The flat was open, littery, but daughter was so upset that a box with X-mas tree decorations was stolen. She was 5 years old then. I told her: “We have no father anymore and you are crying because of X-mas toys”, she replied: “I didn’t know my father anyway, and I feel more sad about the toys”.

I forget many things. Even when I start to tell about the brightest moments I forget a word I wanted to pronounce. But will you be better at my age?

When I was young I ate standing to keep a nice figure. And I always worked much.

There is one thing I regret about. One homeopath-professor was in love with me but I always rejected him. Once I earned 831 rubles for 5 days while engineers earned 90 rubles monthly. I fell ill after that and that professor came and gave me a medicine. I felt better the next day and went happily to work. When I went outside I saw the professor, when he saw me he took his hat off but I just rushed by and didn’t say him a word. It was the last time I saw him. He fell ill and died after that.

Sometimes I wake up and think what a fool I’ve always been. Did so many stupid things. And never became smarter. I have a bad character, I have never been able to swallow my pride.

I’ve never had “the best time in my life”. Only deeds and work, work and deeds…

In 1914 Germans came to Russia, they brought special gymnastic apparatuses. We performed in theaters and I did better than other girls and was presented so many boxes of chocolate!

I’ve always looked elegant. I had beautiful hair and I cut them short, went barefooted, had a man’s cap on my head, and wore old clothes. And I was told anyway that I looked suspicious.

Even when electric light bulbs appeared we continued to use kerosine lamps, we didn’t believe in electricity.

When radio appeared we all gathered at the post-office being promised to hear something special. It was amazing! The place was crowded. People could hear sounds from Moscow…

They said I was beautiful. And various women wanted me to belong to their “heaven born” sons.. I was so tired of them all. I’ve never believed in God.

I am afraid of nothing. I was born in the time of the tsar, underwent the Jewish mess, the war of 1914, hunger in Ukraine in 1922, WWII… What should I be afraid of after that?”


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  2. shaunot says:

    Khanna Moiseevna Shklovskaya, 101 yo, Moscow “I am afraid of nothing. I was born in the time of the tsar, underwent the Jewish mess, the war of 1914, hunger in Ukraine in 1922, WWII… What should I be afraid of after that?”

    hard as nails

  3. A.Oscar says:

    The old ladies of 100 years: some of them look real good, but it’s some older than 100 could keep great shape. My point now it’s possible to leave pass 100 with quality of life: we are a machine like any others made by men, the point is, all machines have to be through maintenance to stay in shape. I was a Industrial machinery Technician for decades, and I have doing to my body just about the same I did to the machines. Yes we have all components like most machines, pump (hydraulics) electronics which is the brains, and certain devises that without do not work at al. Special glands like pituitary and thyroid so small, but ecclesial to life which without like thyroid to control temperatures in our body. Nature did materialize good staff: the problem the environment; on which millions of humans, have been. Just copy Nature and we will be OK

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