6 Kiev Art Projects

Kiev Art Projects

Posted on June 6, 2012 by team

Check out some photos from the 1st International Festival of Modern Sculpture – Kyiv Sculpture Project and the 1st Kyev International Biennale Arsenale 2012.

15 works of sculptors from six countries (Ukraine, Great Britain, Australia, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands) participated in the Project.

And some photos from the first Kyev International Biennale Arsenale 2012.


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6 Responses to “Kiev Art Projects”

  1. Arov says:

    Degenerate art. Sponsored by some Jew such as Pinchuk, no doubt.

  2. skopeil says:

    some are really good ,the one with a bunch of porno pictures wasn’t a brilliant idea…
    low class art…

  3. JZ says:

    Did people completely loose the sense of art? Exaple, how is plastic bottle packaging considered art!? Thats just garbage…

  4. LargeRod says:

    Wow!! They didn’t block out the porno pic!! That must be true art.

  5. CZenda says:

    TBH, when I saw the first photo of the second part, I laughed hard – I remembered a “Vaginal art” scene from Big Lebowski :D

  6. Colinski says:

    If that’s art then my weiner is a kipper!

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