3 Forgotten North Land: Baikit

Forgotten North Land: Baikit

Posted on June 6, 2012 by team

Let’s continue our journey along Evenkiya, this time we’ll visit Baikit, 600 km away from Vanavara.

Baikit is 670 km away from Krasnoyarsk

Planes fly here three times a week

Today about 4000 people live in Baikit.

The village was founded in 1927. Before the territory development here lived not numerous aboriginal people: Evenks and Ostyaks.

Nowadays 400 aboriginal Evenks inhabit Baikit. Most of the locals go hunting and fishing though many of them work at schools, hospitals etc.
There are no good roads here. In winter ice roads can save but in summer some places cannot be reached even by an offroad vehicle.

That is why most of the people have boats. The Tunguska river is a more reliable traffic artery than taiga.

But they need cars anyway, boats cannot be transported without them.

The local climate is severe, in winter the temperature is often below 50C. But the locals have got used to it.

Electric power is very expensive.

The roads are all gravel.

Locals envy Tura, asphalt has appeared there recently.

In summer it’s so dusty so they need to water the roads…

The Baikitik river

The village has a water supply system, but locals have only cold water in summer and only hot one in winter.

Wooden planking for pedestrians.

Thanks to them locals may wear something but rubber boots.

Prices are a bit higher than in Krasnoyarsk. Most products are delievered to the village twice a year – in the end of spring and over the ice road in winter. Everything that demands plane trasportation is much more expensive.

Public transport is represented by buses that arrive hourly.

Bus stops have turned for drinking places.

They have one channel of 1Mb/s Internet connection provided by an uplink. They do not even dream about unlimited Internet.

Temple being built

Dogs are seldom leashed

Good dogs are highly estimated

People make greenhouses to grow something.

There are aparts houses here too.

Though toilets are outside anyway

Evenks are getting addicted to alcohol very fast…

Some houses are abandoned.

Some playgrounds are quite good


Kindergarten. Though money for its repair is provided it is spent for something else…

The building is very shabby

Children are not allowed on the porch cause it may collapse.

Hospital has similar problems

It’s hard to attract good specialists to work here.

Professional school

It’s the only place where youngsters may get professional education. Graduates may become transmission equipment adjusters, cooks, drill-operators assistants.

Teenagers from neighbouring villages come to study here too. But teachers don’t earn much – about $500 monthly.

Job centre is in a private house being let on lease.

Young people who have no education cannot find a job. So many of them prefer to go to Krasnoyarsk to study.

Some people work on a rotational basis at oil-wells. Though locals are not welcomed there.

Anna works in a museum and as a teacher at school.

Graduates are going to leave.

They see no perspectives here at all.

Location: Baikit

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  1. lord haw haw says:

    cheers Ashley, another little Englander comment from the Tory spawning ground for toffs that is Surrey…..

  2. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    I have a huge admiration for people that live in remote places like this. It can not be easy

  3. RASER says:

    looks like hell on earth, a shithole, sorry for those who have to live there

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