22 Soviet Military Equipment That Turned Into Scrap

Soviet Military Equipment That Turned Into Scrap

Posted on June 5, 2012 by team

Soviet military vehicles found in many various places where nobody needs them…

via nektonemo


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22 Responses to “Soviet Military Equipment That Turned Into Scrap”

  1. bobbob2011 says:


  2. Ser_Korz53 says:

    the cost? what a waste. War; only the 1% benefit from most of that waste , and that is only temporary, so another war is only to come.

  3. guest says:

    This has already been pointed out many times before, but again: why is all that equipment not recycled as scrap metal?

    • Darkness 99 says:

      Maybe because there are no steel foundries for hundreds of miles around and no railroad to transport the metal somethere else? ))

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Because it costs too much. It takes more money in energy to transport and cut up and melt down, than you get back out of it. It’s mostly just iron, and there’s plenty more iron out there, so it’s cheap.

      It’ll cost several dollars per pound to recycle, but it’s only worth about a dollar.

      When there’s an iron shortage, then the price will rise, and they’ll get recycled, what’s left of them anyway.

    • Osip says:

      Armour is very difficult to recycle. Just cutting it to pieces is very problematic (tank armor is a dozen or more cm thickness in places).
      Also, the special alloys used in armor steel are not desirable for the recyclings.

  4. Erik says:

    Why isn’t all this scrap recycled? Is metal that worthless in Russia?

    • Darkness 99 says:

      The fact, that this site is called English Russia doesn’t mean that Afghanistan (there these pics were taken) automatically becomes the part of that country

  5. todd says:

    Its a start to recycle this stuff.As ive said in Ausstrailia scrap steel worth allot of money.

  6. scud-werfer says:

    its a shame…….cause there are a lot of normal humans want one of these. I am a collector too! Its so sad to see those Material rot!

  7. Mercal says:

    Russia built hundreds of thousands of tanks why would they care about a few hundred junked ones.

    Recycling cost more than it does to use new materials.

    Most of this steel is of garbage quality.

  8. Tim Dennison says:

    Metal is expensive here, and criminals cut pipes from vacant buildings, cut down light poles, steal manhole covers and grates. They steal catalytic convertors off peoples cars. Recycling companies are forced to ask for ID, when buying scrap from individuals, but they find ways to sell anyways. This armor steel is valuable, would make someone rich. All of this steel is premium. Gears, housings, wheels, tracks, hulls, turrets are expensive, not cheap tin, like found in cars

  9. Tim Dennison says:

    To say that it is cheaper to mine from the ground, process the iron till it is a high grade steel suitable for armored vehicles, I hope you are not right. A plasma cutting torch makes quick work of anything that conducts electricity. It only needs a power source and a compressor. I worked in a scrap yard, they have ways of reducing even huge machines

  10. UbiKentang says:

    Why no one use that armor vehicle and turn it into hotel

  11. Cherea says:

    why hasnt this stuff been moved..backwards people in backwards country

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