24 Attack Planes Training In Chernigovka

Attack Planes Training In Chernigovka

Posted on June 4, 2012 by team

Check out the photos of training flights of attack planes SU-25SM at the “Chernigovka” airfield in the Primorsk territory.

Attack planes Su-25 or “Grachi” as they are often called are still the only vehicles capable of carrying an extremely heavy weapon system for destruction of ground and air targets.

The helicopter pad where stand combat helicopters Ka-52 “alligator” and Mi-8AMTSH.

But let’s go back to Su-25SM! It has ten points of external load and can carry 32 types of various weapons. In the fore body it has a gun aircraft unit VPU-17A with a 30mm double tube aerogun GSH-30-2. It is intended for destruction of armoured equipment and air targets at mid and close range.

Su-25SM as opposed to Su-25 have absolutely new avionics, an electronic display on the windscreen and a multifunctional indicator. The same are the airframe and mechanics.

All the electronics including radars, sonars, electron-optical systems, target location systems, an armament control system, communications, navigation and other systems are all brand new. They are secret ones.

Brake parachute loading


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24 Responses to “Attack Planes Training In Chernigovka”

  1. Mercal says:

    Russia is arms capital of the world. They do have the best military-war machinery since they have spent all of the time under Communism building it.

    If not for this they would have nothing. People were starving and they continued to build more and more military-war weaponry. They supply all of the middle east, Africa, China and other 3rd world countries with arms.

    Nothing has changed since the fall of the Berlin wall. Russia has re-ignited the vast Juggernaut of military supremacy since this is all have is weapons and bullying.

    • asdf says:

      >since this is all have is weapons and bullying.

      All they have is weapons?

      Are you smoking heavy narcotics?

      And bullying? In the age of the worldwide American empire which has killed more foreigners than any other country since WWII, you’re accusing Russia of bullying?

      • Fred Johnson says:

        BS. The USA is only having to deal with the crap that russia and china started. That has been their MO since the end of WWII. They go in and create messes, that the rest of the world has to “clean up”.
        If they had any guts, or sense of responsibility, they would go in there and straighten out north korea. But of course they don’t, because they LOVE letting the USA dealing with it, spending their money, their food, their oil trying to keep a lid on that shit hole, that the USSR and china CREATED!
        Blame the USA all you want, but you know it’s not true (if you have any brains at all)

    • Pascal says:

      I think you are mad. You really deserve to be in a mental institution if you think Russia is bullying and supplying all of the middle east with weaponry. Who is propping up Bahrain? or UAE or Saudi Arabia or fighting endless wars all over the world? I think you are mistaking Russia for the US.

      • bobbob2011 says:

        But “Bahrain or UAE or Saudi Arabia” are not any of the countries currently fighting and killing each other… at least not yet.

        • Wolve_NZ says:

          Ok, lets look, Gadafi, Put into power by NATO/US, Egypt, Their guy before the revolution put into Power by NATO/US, Israil, Supplied by NATO/US, Georgia, Supplied by NATO/US, Serbians were Attacked and had Genocide commited aganst them by Muslims, whom were armed by NATO/US.

          Now, lets see the “Evil” Nations, DPRK, One of the worlds few self sufficent countrys, Keeps to themselfs unless SK provokes them. Iran and Syria, Never invaded anyone in History, “Opposition” in both countrys supplied by NATO/US, same with Libya, nothing the Ethic Genocide supported by NATO/US.
          The Soviet/Afghan thing was going good until the US started arming the Terrorists with Modern Weapons, now they are used vs. the US/NATO. etc…
          US and NATO start allot of shit, Russia cleans up the shit in Neighboring regions…

          • bobbob2011 says:

            Hmmm… That’s interesting because everyone of one of the countries you just listed (except for Israel – who is usually always on the defense from Russian/Soviet armed countries) was at one time or another, heavily militarily aided by Russia/USSR. True the US did provide minimal military assistance to those countries but stopped immediately if their regimes went bad and started doing war or killing their people internally. Do keep in mind that those countries still have piles and piles of Russian/Soviet tanks and equipment lying around while much of the US military aid comes in the form of training those countries militaries to be a “proper” military for the people (ie. Egypt who helped the revolution and did not slaughter the people). Russia has the tendency to go into a bad place and make $$$ by selling the bad guy military supplies or nuclear technology (ie. Iran, Irag – Saddam, Libya – Gadafi, Serbia, Syria, just to name a few).

            Gadafi – kept the peace for many years with no area wars. US funding for hime stopped years ago. Remember, NATO/US were on the side of the rebels and had a big part in their victory!!! Russia was still on the side with Gadaffi because he was buying military aid from them just like Syria is now. Israel – already mentioned that one above. Georgia was attacked by Russia! NATO aid is ongoing there but only because Georgia wants to distance itself from Russian control and continue to defend it’s borders that are constantly encroached upon by Russia to the north. Serbia was NOT attacked by “muslims” armed by NATO/US! Where did you get this info?

            Please show proof about your statement that “Serbians were attacked and had genocide committed against them by Muslims, whom were armed by NATO/US” (???). This cannot be any farther from the truth! Must be living in the big R.

    • www says:

      ha ha you crazy lier
      usa start war all time
      usa attack Iraq
      usa kill people

    • Testicules says:

      XXXXXX Nice Low tech plane for close air support. Would be great for supressing partisans or the armies of minor states. Won’t stand up against a modern fighting force. However, Russia is unlikely to face one in the near future so it doesn’t matter.

      XXXXXXX There is a lot of BS in this post. The most likely use for this aircraft is to suppress a former republic or internal strife.

      XXXXXXX The biggest threat to Russia is from an emerging China that shares a long border with Russia. They have the miliraty to threaten Russia. They have nukes. They have an air force and navy. They have power projection ambitions to be the major player in all of Asia. Russia is their biggest rival. Russia and China may be allies now. However, you can not have two bulls in the same area without an eventual squaring off.

      XXXXXXX Selling weapons is commerce. Every weapons producing company sells them. Could Russia pressure Syria, Iran, and North Korea to change their behavior? Maybe. But then they would be accepted back into the world community and they could buy weapons from France, Germany, the US, or anyone else. Not good for business. What are the lives of a few Syrian kids and their mothers next to a multibillion dollar weapons deal? It is all business.

      • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

        Lol. How do you figure that the Su-25 won’t be able to stand against a modern fighting force?

        In addition to China, NATO and its ‘missile shield’ are considered to be a big threat to Russia. Otherwise billions wouldn’t go into all the Iskander systems or the Voronezh-class radars.

  2. Old Bikr says:

    Ummm, boys, I think you want to point the finger of accusation at Western Europe. All of those countries who wanted to “Rule the World”. France and Germany are just two of many countries who have started wars of aggression.

    Better pay attention to those who like to start World wars. Russia had to develop a strong military in order to protect themselves from repeated invasions from Western Europe and the US would not be in the position they are currently except that they felt obliged to help put down the Axis powers.

    Before what we call WW I and WW II the US had a strict isolationist policy towards the wars in Europe. It was only after the wars grew to such a size that they were a real threat to the US that it got into World politics.

    The US and Russia are as they are in a reaction to some very evil actions directed against them in their history.

    • jeebs says:

      Well said sir

      And sadly if Russia doesn’t get it’s act together Russia itself will seas to exist. With the population on a decline and alcoholism at an all time high Russia’s future looks bleak. Now before everyone starts screaming AMERICAN PROPAGANDA LIES LIES LIES these reports come from the Russian census

      • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

        Lol. How do figure the population is in decline? Because there are 5 million fewer people in 2010 than in 2002? Ever occured to you to check the yearly stats? If you did, you might just find that Russian population actually grew (by a very small amount). Bet you never thought of that, did you?!

        Sadly, not all Russians share your belief that ‘Russias future looks bleak’. Besides its not like you actually give a fcuk about what happens over here.

        You also conveniently forgot that Russia has an economic growth rate three times higher than the USA’s. Not to mention Russias foreign debt is 480 billion USD (around one-third of its GDP), while the USA has approx 16 trillion (equal to or greater than its GDP).

        So rather than pointing other’s faults why don’t you first try to solve your own problems, hmm?

        • jeebs says:

          Well your right about that most of the world does think Russia is a problem

          And I’ve spoken with native Russians now living in other country’s that have told me more and more Russians are leaving for various reasons

          And if the economy is so great why don’t the people benefit from it also stop calling me an American it seams you have alot of issues you need help with

          Don’t worry be happy :)

          • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

            So, most of the world thinks Russia is a problem? Take it up with the nukes. Lol.

            Just curious though. What exactly counts to you as most of the world? NATO and any other western puppet states?

            If they are living outside of Russia they are not native Russians, dumass.

            You’re not American? You previously said you live in Phoenix. If I’m right, thats in America. So I assumed you were American.

            And don’t worry about me being happy. I live a perfectly content life, ironically enough, in Russia.

  3. Pascal says:

    So called Nato messed up Afghanistan with no hope of it ever returning to normal. and they have since moved on to bombing Pakistan with their so called predators. look at what just happened to Libya. just yesterday there was a standoff between the puppet regime and the fighters. all armed and propped up by Nato. There is nothing to say about Iraq. Its a shithole. and you call that democracy.

    • bobbob2011 says:

      What was Iraq before it was a “shithole”? A dictatorship sponsored by Russia? Nah. Either is N. Korea, or Syria, or ….

  4. Osip says:

    Non-political comment: SU-25SM is A-10 wannabe.

  5. XyuH says:

    Russian shithole flooded Africa, Middle east and South America with weapons.Eever wandered why most russkies look like Down syndrome patients? Natural selection. During Stalin anyone ith brains were exterminated only retars were allowed to live

    • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

      That has to be the most mature comment I’ve seen on ER in a long, long time.

    • jeebs says:

      Ladies and gents let’s all take a seat shit just got real

    • Pascal says:

      And Americans and Brits look like pumped up baloons because of obesity. lol. And does anybody ever wonder what would ever become of the US if China was not propping it up with finance? Living beyond their means, what with a deficit running into trillions and you come in here you peace of trash junkie and bash China. I bet you’ve not seen the occupy protests popping up in the US left right and centre.

  6. Gcan says:

    I liked very much plane nº 47. Faded, dirty, leaking and very aggressive. Unfortunately, no photos of this machine taking off…

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