5 AutoVAZ Equipment Museum

AutoVAZ Equipment Museum

Posted on June 3, 2012 by team

It’s not the first visit of ours to the Autovaz Equipment Museum, but the place is definitely worth coming back again.

Central entrance to the museum

203 mm howitzer B-4, 1931 for 15 persons.

203 mm self-propelled “Pion”

152 mm self-propelled gun “Hyacinth”

Czech light tank PZKPfW 38(t)

Self-howitzer “Acacia”

Bridge equipment on KrAZ-255 chassis

Combat engineer vehicle

Legendary GAZ-AA is very small in fact

Hippie dream…

Tracked amphibious ferry based on armoured vehcile-50

Bridge-erection boat

Bridge-erection boat carrying ferries


The biggest exhibit

Trencher TKM-2

Bulldozer with a grubbing ripper

Armoured vehicle-60PB

Chemical recce vehicle BRDM-2PH

Battle vehicle 9P110 PRK 9K11

Crawler armoured landing vehicle


Combat vehicle 9A34 of an air defence system “Strela-10M”

Sea mines


Chassis of a space buggy

300 mm valley fire system “Smerch”. It costs 200 million dollars…

Jet-poweredunmanned aircraft “Strizh”

Container for transportation and launch of an unmanned aircraft on MAZ chassis

The biggest Russian diesel-electric submarine B-307

It was brought from Kronstadt

Location: Tolyatti

via d-a-ck9

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5 Responses to “AutoVAZ Equipment Museum”

  1. scud-werfer says:

    thank you, for this great pictures. Its simply amazing!!! But a shame, to let those unique vehicles rot outside!

  2. mike says:

    stop the 2leep.com pop ups, they are annoying!

  3. Tim Dennison says:

    This was the biggest and best museum I have seen yet! Thanks for sharing. There are people around the world who would be interested in the subject. The only good to come from the cold war was developing wonderful machines like this. It is unfortunate to see them rusting, and tires rotting.

  4. lax says:

    “300 mm valley fire system “Smerch”. It costs 200 million dollars…”
    Yet, they didn’t even keep it’s tires inflated.

  5. jeebs says:

    It’s always cool to view equipment from the past no matter what country they come from thanks for the photo’s

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