1 Houses Slip Into the Moskva River

Houses Slip Into the Moskva River

A residential house is about to slip into the Moskva
river. We do not envy those who live there.
14 Welcome To Ukraine

Welcome To Ukraine

We do not know if it's fake or
not, but it's funny anyway.
9 If You Cannot Buy Do It Yourself

If You Cannot Buy Do It Yourself

In the time of the developed socialism many people dreamt about their own cars but couldn't afford them. They
saved money and waited in lines to buy a desired car. Some dreamers even dared to make cars themselves.
2 My Green Service Cap

My Green Service Cap

Boundary is a verge of all native. A thin green stem. Two steps aside is a similar one, but
not yours already. Photos from a high-altitude post Irkeshtam in Kyrgyzstan.
3 Human Soul Is Going to Be Digitized!

Human Soul Is Going to Be Digitized!

A group of researchers "Russia-2045" showed the first Russian robot-android. It has an appearance of one of its creators Dmitry Itskov. It cannot do many things yet, but it can recognize faces and move its fingers. The final goal is impressive - human immortality by 2045. The intermediate stage - commercializing of a fully functional Homo sapiens copy by
2020. By the middle of the century the creators want to learn digitizing a human soul - it will be downloaded in a personal android and thus its copy or even several copies will be created. One will work, another one will go shopping etc. When the human body dies, the soul will continue its existence on Earth - almost eternally...
10 Back From the Army

Back From the Army

A guy from Grinevichi village of the Omsk region
Sergey Saikovsky is back from the army...
6 The Last Moorage

The Last Moorage

There were built 49 of them - river motorships of project 588. They appeared in the middle of the XX century, in the German Democratic Republic, in Wismar. Most of them are still used and give joy to
those who like river trips. Half a century is not a venerable age for motorships. Especially of they are taken care of, painted, modernized... But some of them were not that lucky...
3 Russian Shrek And Fiona

Russian Shrek And Fiona

Far from noise and curious eyes, in Akimovka settlement of the Zaporozhye region, there is a
cosy and spacious stone castle where happily lives a couple of spouses the Galitskiye.
7 Helirussia Expo Moscow

Helirussia Expo Moscow

The 5th international exhibition of helicopter industry Helirussia 2012 closed in May,
19. Both professionals and amateurs could find much interesting to see there.
22 Will Smith Does Not Like to Kiss Journalists!

Will Smith Does Not Like to Kiss Journalists!

Men in Black came to Moscow to present the third MIB movie. Russian and Ukrainian public was so happy to see
Will that they couldn't help kissing and hugging him. Will didn't show so much love in response...

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