9 Nina, You Are Beautiful Or Masters of Photoshop

Nina, You Are Beautiful Or Masters of Photoshop

You have seen this woman named Nina in one of our
posts, but she indeed deserves a separate post.
18 An-30: Mission Impossible

An-30: Mission Impossible

A Russian military plane An-30 while performing a flight within "the Open Sky" mission went on the runway in
the Czech Republic and started burning. 19 people suffered, most of them are in a poor condition...
8 Misharistan And Its Traditions

Misharistan And Its Traditions

There is an amazing place in the very centre of Russia, the Nizhegorodsk region. On the maps it is called the Krasnooktyabrsky district but the locals call it Misharistan. It's the land so much different from all Russia. Misharistan villages are huge, clean, with houses of good quality. Probably this district is the only one in the region from where young people do not go to big cities. If it is compared to neighbouring villages where Russians live, the last one are not the gainers. Misharistan dwellers carefully keep their traditions. You
notice it while talking to them or in their kitchens. And the Tatars cook perfectly! Nobody has ever left them being hungry. Despite the actions of the Soviet authorities aimed at eradication of their religion in the country the local Tatars managed to preserve wooden mosques - unique 200 years' monuments. Not less respectfully they treat ancient Russian traditions. Thus, while meetings or feasts, they have samovars on their tables and drink tea from saucers after the ancient Russian manner.
3 New Planes Come To Domodedovo

New Planes Come To Domodedovo

Three new vehicles were taken to Domodedovo airport in Moscow the other day: Boeing-747-8F Air Bridge Cargo, An -124-100 "Ruslan" an
Il-76ТД-90ВД of "Volga Dniper" company. Now they are building a new cargo terminal that is going to be put into service by the end of 2013.
9 Festive Lights of Grozny

Festive Lights of Grozny

In May, 15th there revered memory of the first president of the
Chechen Republic Akhmat Kadyrov. Some photos of the festive city.
19 Supercars Racing In Moscow

Supercars Racing In Moscow

Drag racing competition Moscow Unlim 500+ annually attracts owners of supercars from different
regions of Russia and even Europe. Only cars of 500 hp and more are allowed to participate.
3 Metal Chips Instead of Paints

Metal Chips Instead of Paints

Vladimit lives in Tetyushi, Tatarstan. Working at a plant he looked at metal chips in a different way than others - like at the
material for creativity. Now he tries to find better ways in this art direction because nobody did something similar before.
8 Russian North In Photographs

Russian North In Photographs

Amazing photographs from a National Geographic contest
"Russian North". Freshening Russian beauty.
1 High Over Saint Petersburg

High Over Saint Petersburg

Let's fly over St. Petersburg at
heights 300 and 1200 meters.
6 Life Creating Institute

Life Creating Institute

One more famous institute of the Novosibirsk science centre - Institute of Chemical Biology And Fundamental Medicine. To
comprehend all the processes and things inside the post you should have some knowledge of the molecular biology.

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