Scorpion Machines 1
12 New Scorpion Vehicles

New Scorpion Vehicles

Let us present you a special all-wheel drive vehicle "Scorpion-LSHA" under the index "Scorpion-2M" and a
multi-purpose armoured car "Scorpion-LSHA B." A few words about "Scorpion-2M" first...
2 Minsk 1960

Minsk 1960

A set of photos
featuring Minsk in 1960.
19 The First Georgian Tank!

The First Georgian Tank!

Soon the first prototype model of Georgian production will be ready! They plan to export the tanks to allied
countries of NATO including Pakistan and Iraq. Some external drawings of the tank are for your attention.
0 Monster of the Irganaiskaya Hydrostation

Monster of the Irganaiskaya Hydrostation

In Dagestan one may find such a wonder - a shaft-sinking and tunnelling complex Robbins (USA) that overcame 5 km in the mountains?! It used to be a diversion tunnel 5,2 km long from the dam to the station. Water went
through the generator producing electricity. It was done for elevation changes for bigger station power. The first machine of such type in Russia was exactly here, at Irganaiskaya hydrostation.
9 Rostov Steppe Safari

Rostov Steppe Safari

A lot of the hoofed animals live in this place in almost unrestricted conditions. This wild steppe territory is some thousands hectares big and it's situated on the border between
the Rostov region and Kalmykia. American and Asiatic bisons, yaks, Bactrian camels and wild Don horses inhabit the territory. It's not Africa but nevertheless...
0 Su-24 Low And High

Su-24 Low And High

Some photographs of Su-24
overland and in the air.
Comments Off The First Moscow Rail Depot

The First Moscow Rail Depot

In May, 15, 1935 the first trains began to operate in Moscow. They started from the depot "Severnoye" ("Northern"), the first depot of the Moscow metropolitan. It has been serving the metro passengers for 77 years already. The big
territory on Krasnoprudnaya street is the whole metro agglomeration: apart from the depot there are an escalator repair plant, a metro fire department, a motor depot, police department and some other services there.
1 In the World Of Tiny Things

In the World Of Tiny Things

Microminiature is a rare kind of art representing creation of tiny amazing things under a microscope. Vladimir Aniskin is one of microminiature masters. He lives in
Novosibirsk. Some of his works are literally made on the end of a hair. In Russia and near-abroad countries there are not more than a dozen of masters of such kind.

3 The Biggest Moscow Star

The Biggest Moscow Star

Desite the fact that a separate elevator going up to the spire is locked, a guard stands at the exit, there are a lot of sensors and cameras, and
under the star is equipment of armed forces of the RF, these guys managed to reach the highest top of the Moscow State University.

3 Photo Review of 1917

Photo Review of 1917

Some rare
photos dated

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