16 Helicopters Over Moscow

Helicopters Over Moscow

Let's see how they moved the helicopters for HeliRussia-2012 exhibition from the site named after M. L. Mil' in Tomilino to the Crocus Expo, Moscow. The site in Tomilino represents
the Moscow helicopter plant named after M. L. Mil'. It was created in 1947 to include a design centre, pilot production, research complex and a flight-test base.
3 In the Kiev TV Tower

In the Kiev TV Tower

The TV tower is the world highest lattice structure - the tower height is 385 m. While the construction not a single bolt or a rivet were used. All the details were fastened by welding. The building process took 5
years - 1968-73 and it was quite unusual. The tower was not built from bottom upwards but on the contrary - from the top downwards. The ready construction was lifted and other parts were put under it.
9 Work of Caspian Border Guards

Work of Caspian Border Guards

The Northern part of the Caspian Sea attracts poachers by sturgeon spawning. Day and night the border guards perform trawling of the
sea bottom, protecting water from nets, hook and line gears. Sometimes they detain poachers. Let's see how they work.
5 What Is Depicted on the 10 Rubles Bill?

What Is Depicted on the 10 Rubles Bill?

Gorkovskaya power plant is called Nizhegorodskaya today. The settlement of the workers turned into the whole city in the Trans-Volga region. Nizhegorodskaya power plant is rather impressive. No wonder after seeing
the Nizhegorodskaya plant you want to see the Krasnoyarskaya one that is 12 times more powerful than the first one. So let's find ourselves near the Yenisei river where the station is located.
12 Minsk Tractor Plant, 1960

Minsk Tractor Plant, 1960

At the Minsk Tractor Plant,
1960. Compare to modern plants.
4 Aromas of Uzbek Pilau

Aromas of Uzbek Pilau

Probably there are no people who do not like pilau. Let's
cook it in a proper pot on an ordinary gas stove.
2 Greenhouse With Your Own Hands

Greenhouse With Your Own Hands

Check out the process of a greenhouse making. A right-angle frame
should be made first. Dimensions of this greenhouse are 2x6m.
7 Khiva: People, Culture And History

Khiva: People, Culture And History

Last time we began to walk along Khiva, why not continue the tour
today? People, mosaic and wood carving are inside the post.
7 Abkhazian Silent Hill

Abkhazian Silent Hill

Abkhazian town Tkvarchal is pretty much similar to some decorations of "Silent Hill" horror movie. It's a mysterious mining town
under which coal has already been burning for many years. The town is famous for paranormal phenomena taking place there.
6 At the Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre

At the Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre

The decision to build a new traffic control centre was made in 1973. Necessary equipment was imported from Sweden. The object was complete in 1980 and put
into service in 1981. Air streams many hundreds kilometres away from Moscow have been controlled by the centre for more than 30 (!) years.

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