8 Strizhi In the Sky!

Strizhi In the Sky!

Posted on May 31, 2012 by team

Another set of wonderful “Strizhi” team photos for you to enjoy.


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8 Responses to “Strizhi In the Sky!”

  1. amd48 says:

    This is a preparation for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Russian aviation. Invited to a lot of aerobatic teams from different countries. It will be great

  2. nicolas from France says:

    French Patrol are like this Russian airplane crew, nice skills must be very loud !

  3. RB says:

    the picture with the small tank with the fill cap and tubes running up to the pilot,would be a great place to have vodka for the pilot then they can wizz into the engine for a bit of afterburner fun.

  4. Testicules says:

    It seems the exhaust of the jets in Russia burn much darker than in the US. Are they using a different fuel grade?

  5. Lyulka says:

    >Are they using a different fuel grade?

    Some engines are smokier than others, and the Klimov 33 mounted on MiG 29’s is one of them. The American F-4 Phantom, for example, left a smoke trail that could be seen miles away.

  6. CaptainDerp says:

    And every single one of them would come crashing down into the nearest crowd of people if it could :P

  7. Chudluv says:

    Would love to see them over here in the States (US), it must be a sight to see and hear. I have written to the Portland Rose Festival Airshow to see about getting “teams” like Strizhi here. O

  8. Hugo says:

    What are these Sukhois?? Su-35??

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