3 In the Fann Mountains

In the Fann Mountains

Posted on May 31, 2012 by team

In the time of the USSR these mountains were popular enough among climbers and hikers. Contemporary tourists have almost forgotten about these picturesque places.

Mostly foreign tourists come there today. The best city to stay in for a trip to the Fanns is Penjikent. The main places to visit in the Fanns are wonderful lakes.

Let’s see one of such places called Seven Lakes not far from Pejikent. Earthquakes had partially ruined the mountains and in these places later formed the lakes. There are 7 of them, one over another. They are all different in size and color.

Along the river and the lakes there are kishlaks where you may find guest homes. Prices are not high, but the conditions are Spartan though locals are very hospitable.

From the market of Penjikent you may take a bus or a shared taxi to the kishlaks.

The first lake

The long 4th lake



The 5th lake

You may bathe if you want


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  1. Otis R. Needleman says:


  2. wies niak says:

    Some of these pictures look similar to ones Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky took around a hundred years ago. Very interesting to see there are still people living this way.

  3. Stojan G says:

    Could you please send link to Google maps for the road you have taken?

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