26 The Border Is Locked!

The Border Is Locked!

Posted on May 30, 2012 by team

Traditionally in the end of May border guards celebrated their holiday. Look how it was this year.


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26 Responses to “The Border Is Locked!”

  1. albo says:

    What’s with russians getting drunk and cavorting in fountains? Students do that too, right? Weird.

  2. Osip says:

    Thank you. The stereotype of Russians as boorish drunkardss has been confirmed yet again.

    • yojimbo says:

      Show me a country that allows you to drink alcohol that does not have some drunks running around acting stupid.Oh but you can not.There are just as many stupid drunks running around in the US,UK,Germany you name it.

  3. asteroid no.444 says:

    They need to put these “toughs” down on the Southern border of the U.S. They would scare any and all illegal immigrants from crossing over.

    • Ri says:

      Does the USA have central-government-controlled Border Troops, like Russia?

      • rostit says:

        yes. we call them texans

      • Tovarich Volk says:

        Nope, the Border Patrol is a civilian police organisation. The Border patrol used to be a section of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, (INS) now it’s part of the beaurcratic nightmare/financial black hole called Homeland Security.

      • Fred Johnson says:

        Yes, they do have special “border troops”, but they’re afraid to use them or they may upset the people sneaking across the border. So, basically, the USA no longer HAS borders!! Just on a map.

  4. Pograni4nick says:

    Lol. I was served in Border Troops, too. And I always feel confusion when look pics like this. These guys are disgrace to Border Guard service.

    /sorry for the mistakes, I studied French:3/

    • Ross says:

      What is Border Guards? Is it Customs, or Immigration, or soldiers who patrol the border like in old movies? If the latter, are they needed now that the Cold War is over?

      • Don says:

        All countries have border guards. Its for country protection.In Russia its for stop of illegal migration and drug silkway. Who will protect North Caucasus from terrorists entering? Who will control Siberian forests from chineses who kill tigers,bears and etc just to get their foots for men’s power in bed? customs? are u kidding? xD

        • Ross says:

          Thanks for explaining Don, I didn’t know that. It’s informative, because in the West no one has border guards. Just customs, immigration, and regular army.

        • Tommo says:

          yes, in Australia, we send out boats to sink refugee boats

  5. amd48 says:

    Holiday “Day of the border” and “The Day of the air assault forces” (the elite of the Russian troops) were in the summer when it’s hot (and in Russia it is the heat from 30 to 50C), working fountains. Veterans of these troops is very much celebrated. Of course, drink. As they say Russian “drunken reckless.” Washed away all the moral foundations of checks and balances. In hot weather, cool like, and that’s walk into the fountain. They love to show their “exclusivity” by breaking a bottle on his head :) The rest of the citizens are looking at it from the reproach and humor. On this account is a caricature on the day of Astronautics (April 12)

  6. cro says:

    They look like pirate crew of Blackbeard :)

  7. PopperJim says:

    Looks like fun!

  8. ia says:

    granitsya na zamke

  9. Watch Fiend says:

    Frontier troops- enjoy your holiday !
    We got your back !

  10. Al says:

    I am glad to see the border is under control.

  11. Dan says:

    I kinda like how when you have a party there you get a little drunk, take off most your clothing, and jump into a fountain. Seems like like a good way to unwind and mostly harmless.

  12. mittens says:

    this looks like gay pride to me.

  13. SSSR says:

    I like the girl.I am sure that her dog can speak Russian because it probably has been there all its life!Yes this is a serious comment!!

  14. richard says:

    In my opinion people here tend to complain a lot. For me its great to see how people have fun and celebrate together. Even if people get drunk I’m sure not all of them go over their limits. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of themselves. Again, life is hard so why don’t have some fun from time to time.

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