4 Deep In the Ural Mines

Deep In the Ural Mines

Posted on May 30, 2012 by team

In 1930s in the Urals they found ore containing rare metals, titanium, niobium, vanadium and tantalum. But only in 1941-45, when the country needed doped alloys so much, they started development. Upon the mining works all entries were exploded and thus the underground labyrinths were shut down. Let’s visit the place where humans have not been for 60 years already…


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4 Responses to “Deep In the Ural Mines”

  1. Sean says:

    Yikes! Great picks, but you’d never get me to slog through that water, laden with heavy metals. I wonder how many of the miners *did not* die of cancer.

  2. RB says:

    damn they worked so hard and with only oil lamps to see with,maybe even slave labor as well.

  3. UbiKentang says:

    Miner work hard for country

  4. thx-1138 says:

    Looks wronger as Moria.

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