3 In the Kiev TV Tower

In the Kiev TV Tower

Posted on May 29, 2012 by team

The TV tower is the world highest lattice structure – the tower height is 385 m. While the construction not a single bolt or a rivet were used. All the details were fastened by welding. The building process took 5 years – 1968-73 and it was quite unusual. The tower was not built from bottom upwards but on the contrary – from the top downwards. The ready construction was lifted and other parts were put under it.

The Kiev tower is 3 times lighter and 60 m higher than the Eiffel one. The overall height is 385 m. There functions a small elevator inside lifting people up to 192 m. It’s considered to be storey 11. The landscape outside is dull..

The rooms inside the tower require cosmetic repair. Some abandoned halls remind of horror movies. Only up to 6 persons work simultaneously in the tower.

One of the hearts of the tower. Service centre of all Ukrainian analog television. It’s noisy and cold in there. If you pull some wire you may turn off someone’s expensive commercial and be arrested within some 3 minutes: so serious and strict…

In the next smaller room works an engineer on duty, he’s there to reply any technical questions. Some dozens of screens hang in front of him and show various TV channels. If emergency occurs he will eliminate it at once. The most notorius channel is the First Ukrainian one, it always has huge debts and when the Tower does not want to sponsor it anymore it starts turn it off during commercial time.

In another room they have super innovative equipment to support HDTV.

The elevator

The elevator manual

To go higher than 220 m you need to get a special permission and some antennas and transmitters to be disconnected. There are very powerful emitters on the tower top, they may turn a human being into ash for 10 seconds.

The tower has beautiful illumination but unfortunately it may be seen only several times a year because it’s expensive.

Local authorities still ignore the problem of the tower poor condition…

There is a technical opportunity to make a viewing platform very high but nobody will do it.


Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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3 responses to “In the Kiev TV Tower”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    From the text, Ukraine sounds like a capitalist basket case.

  2. 山下智久 says:

    is a part ukraine of russia???

  3. banditrider says:

    when it falls down from lack of maintenance and there in no TV or radio in Kiev, someone will whine, “It is the last administration’s fault” but no one will see or hear them.

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