6 Beauty of the Zhambyl Region: Like Centuries Ago

Beauty of the Zhambyl Region: Like Centuries Ago

Posted on May 29, 2012 by team

The hot temptating and so diverse Zhambyl region. Two talented photographers of Kazakhstan, Nikolay Postnikov and Oleg Belyalov, managed to show all the unique beauty of the southern region.

Valley of the Karakystak river, Kirghiz range

Sandyktas plateau, Kirghiz range

Making cookies in Aijantas, Kirghiz range

In a saddle since childhood, Oiranda hole, Kirghiz range

Kokpar is a game popular among Asian nomadic people.

A goat’s carcass is used in kokpar

Fog in Malala gorge, Kirghiz range

“Audaryspak” compettion – trying to buck off an opponent. Held in spring when seasons change.

Auliekol lake


Shepherd’s yurta, Kirghiz range

Red marmot, Kirghiz range

Valley of the Karakystak river, Kirghiz range

Morning fog in Aijantas.

Shepherd’s children grow fast

Will the baby leave this land or keep the traditions of his ancestors?

Warm light in the yurta, rest in the end of the day

Sanduktas plateau

The Kolguty river in the Kindiktas mountains

Tulipa greigii or Craig tulips in the Karatau mountains

Wild apricots do not blossom long

Young Genghis Khan

The girl’s duty is to provide the farm with water. The Kordaisky region.

He asked when the USSR is back…

Demoiselle cranes fly back home

Different honey

Surreal pictures of the Zhualinskaya valley.

Young shrike has recently left the nest

These petroglyphs of the Bronze Age are more than 3 thousand years. An ancient nomad depicted the fight of two horses.

Moyinkum desert, everything here is like thousands of years ago…

Generous summer

Tolai hare hiding

Ruins of Akyrtas. Scientists still argue who built this huge structure fromk stone blocks about a thousand years ago. Was it a temple or a palace?

Ceramic jars

It’s a country of bread! Stoves never rest.

Artist from Taraza

Market of Taraza, one of the last that still keeps ancient trading traditions.

The market is full of positive energy. Visiting it is always a special event. Many sellers and buyers have known each other for dozens of years… You can always bargain.

Try to find tastier cookies and samosa.

An artist Murat Zheksenbayev keeps ancestors’ traditions in his art.

Mullah is leading people to the mosque.

The mosque is dated the Х-XII centuries.

The Mausoleum of Kara-Khan

At Akkol lake

Valley of the Shu river

Caraculs in Moyinkums

Plate-tailed ghekko – a night guest of Moyinkums

Stone warrior has been standing here and holding a cup of life tasted to the dregs for a thousand years…

Nikolay Postnikov

Oleg Belyalov


Location: Zhambyl Region, Kazakhstan

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  1. Ramses-Bob says:

    Beautiful landscapes and people! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Russiafan says:

    Once again, a superb travel essay worthy of any magazine in the world!

  3. Daniel says:

    Superb photographs. Congratulations on an excellent photo essay. What an interesting region.

  4. banditrider says:

    This what we want, rather than the excrement before it

  5. Matt Fahrner says:

    Fantastic photos.

    Even though I don’t even have a touch of Russian in me, I love this site. You guys do a great job putting together all of these “photo essays”.

  6. Bruce says:

    This has to be the best photo essay of the whole website. Simply amazing. Precious life.

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