6 At the Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre

At the Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre

Posted on May 28, 2012 by team

The decision to build a new traffic control centre was made in 1973. Necessary equipment was imported from Sweden. The object was complete in 1980 and put into service in 1981.

Air streams many hundreds kilometres away from Moscow have been controlled by the centre for more than 30 (!) years.

The centre consists of an airfield dispatch centre and a regional dispatch centre. The first one controls the space 100 km beyond Moscow and has 9 sectors. Each sector has its own geographical position and altitude.


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6 Responses to “At the Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre”

  1. Hirsh says:

    lol, “imported from Sweden”… So much for all of those Soviet 5 year plans and the goal of achieving parity with or even dominance over the West. It didn’t work. Time and again the Soviets had to turn to the West when they needed the best equipment they could get.

    • Babysitter says:

      And your “West” can’t even put a man into space.

    • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

      Most of the so-called ‘western world’ is either bordering on or are already in recession. So I wouldn’t brag so much about “better equipment” if I were you, especially considering that a sixth of all your imports are from China (who are widely renown for their design and manufacturing of superior equipment).

  2. Don Cavey says:

    Quite an impressive ATC. These employees have the lives of many thousands of people in their hands. We have come a long way and I am very glad that Russia is handling air traffic with such equipment.

  3. Opcom says:

    I disagree with the negative comments as there are enough recriminations for all. This facility is impressive and I like it very much without regard to where the equipment came from although I was hoping to see Russian gear. No matter, is the implementation and staff that makes it useful whether it is USA or Russian effort. Yes the new Chinese radars, all CW on 2450 perhaps? Very funny but look into their military and industrial equipment, it seems satisfactory for their purposes We don’t get to see it much so it is unfair to judge it by the standard of consumer toys.

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