4 Aromas of Uzbek Pilau

Aromas of Uzbek Pilau

Posted on May 28, 2012 by team

Probably there are no people who do not like pilau. Let’s cook it in a proper pot on an ordinary gas stove.

What we need:
– about 1,5 kg of mutton or pork.
– 3 glasses of rice (it must be washed beforehand and soaked for some hours)
– 3-4 carrots and 2 onions
– 2-3 garlic bulbs and 2-3 chilly pepper pods
– Fat (of sheep’s tail would be perfect)
– jeera, turmeric, paprika (or only jeera)
– salt and water.
The ingredients are enough for a 6 litre-pot. Cooking time is about 3 hours.

Frying the fat on heavy fire. Do not let it burn and stir it. Then the cracknels are to be removed and in the formed fat the same amount of vegetable oil must be added.


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4 Responses to “Aromas of Uzbek Pilau”

  1. fast 4word says:

    you may have to try biryani first..

    • D says:

      this is much better then biryani in my opinion.
      Better rice and of course that garlic and fatty meat. MMmmmm….

  2. Mumbling freak says:

    Looks good. Will give this a try.

  3. ayo says:

    tried it! It is AMAZING!

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