3 Photo Review of 1917

Photo Review of 1917

Posted on May 25, 2012 by team

Some rare photos dated 1917.

Meetings on Pushkin square, that’s how it began in February

Cadets defending the Kremlin

Revolutionary forces arranged artillery bombardment of the Kremlin

Beklimishev tower of the Kremlin was broken through and its top was ruined.

Chudov monastery


Gates of the Synodic Department after firing.

Howitzer of revolutionary forces at the Crimean bridge.

The destroyed block

House with eagle balcony grids on Tver boulevard

House on Nikitskiye gates square

The pole broken through with a shell on Strastnaya square

Barricade on Ostozhenka



Headquarters of cadets


Common graves of cadets

Today on this place (reburial was not done)

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3 responses to “Photo Review of 1917”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    The Revolutions of 1917- what the dreamers of the 60s-80s dreamt of (Chernyshevsky, Bakunin, Herzen, Vasulich, Figner, Kropotkin, Plekhanov, Tkachev).

    • Ted says:

      Not a dream, a nightmare. Brothers killing thousands of brothers, the destruction of infrastructure, the destruction of a whole class of people, loss of every educated and knowledgeable person in the country, and a lead in to decades of oppression.

  2. Fred Johnson says:

    Yeah, and like almost ALL “revolutions”, they were lied to. Follow us and we’ll give you this! We’ll give you that! Democracy for all!!! Then you find out the truth, that it’s really a single guy leading everybody into a dictatorship.

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