1 In the World Of Tiny Things

In the World Of Tiny Things

Posted on May 25, 2012 by team

Microminiature is a rare kind of art representing creation of tiny amazing things under a microscope.

Vladimir Aniskin is one of microminiature masters. He lives in Novosibirsk. Some of his works are literally made on the end of a hair.

In Russia and near-abroad countries there are not more than a dozen of masters of such kind.

The cartoon character on the end of the hair. The hair diameter – 0,1mm

Christmas tree on the end of a horse-hair.  The tree height – 0,16 mm, the snowman height – 0,08 mm, diameter of the golden balls – 0,01 mm, diameter of the hair – 0,11 mm

Materials: dye, gold.

Russian alphabet on the hair (0,1 mm)

Size of the oval site 0,1×0,16mm

Letters height – 0,015-0,02mm

Three glory orders on the cut rice granule

Orders size – 0,8mm

Materials: gold, tin

Order of St. George on the cut papaverous granule. The order size – 0,8 mm. Materials: gold, dye.

“Young artist” composition on the cut rice granule

Order of Suvorov (exact copy)

Height of the order – 2 mm. A papaverous granule is near for comparison.


Model of the world first satellite on the end of edged hair. The hair is fixed on the meteorite fragment. The satellite diameter – 0,025 mm. Antenas diameter – 0,002 mm

Meterials: gold, tungsten

Camels in the needle eye

The sunset in the needle eye is painted with oil paint.

The camels height – 0,1 mm


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  1. Anastasis says:

    Ι like the chess.
    Anyway rememper that 25 years ago someone put
    an item of Koran in a half of rice seed.

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