9 Mercedes Turns Into Rolls Royce

Mercedes Turns Into Rolls Royce

Posted on May 23, 2012 by team

Ruslan Mukanov, 24, from Shakhtinsk created his own Rolls-Royce Phantom after seeing a photo of the car in some magazine.

The young man understood he would never be able to afford the car for 500 thousand euros. Having spent only 3 thousand dollars the master turned the old Mercedes into the legendary vehicle.

His relatives and friends didn’t take his idea seriously but he was persistent enough. To see the original Ruslan went to Almaty. When he started to work he was sure that it was quite possible to do.

The basis was Mercedes 124 that was specially brought from Germany. Everything else was made with Ruslan’s hands. The shape was created with plasticine, then the body was covered with glass fibre, plastered and painted white. He strictly followed the drawings of the original model. He bought details all over Kzakhstan, some parts ordered from abroad.

He didn’t forget about the distinctive characteristic of the British sedan – the doors that open against the running course. Curiously enough the door hinges were the only modification that caused questions from road police.

It took him 2 months and 3 thousand dollars to make the sedan. The most expensive were the wheels with low-profile rubber.

He doesn’t have any regrets. The attention he gets costs more.

He is often asked about the price. And he plans to sell it for 15 thousand dollars. Though it is cheap for such a car. Buyers understand that the car is not the real Roll Royce. That’s why he didn’t change anything in the passenger compartment. He was not going to lie anyone. Now he’s going to assemble another one Rolls Royce, only black. He’s bought the wheels already, remains to find a Mercedes…


Location: Shakhtinsk

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9 Responses to “Mercedes Turns Into Rolls Royce”

  1. zx10R says:

    in normal countries that would be embarrassing to ride this thing.

  2. ptc says:

    This car look great in fron of that old, poor village house :-) Slum millionare II, maybe?

  3. sdfgs says:

    Anyone who knows anything about cars knows that to go from a W124 (the best car ever produced by any manufacturer) to a Rolls (“Rolls”?) is a step down, or at least a couple of steps down lol

  4. MigDaTig says:

    Wow thats a pretty sweet looking ride. WOw.

  5. Corey says:

    Looks nothing like an actual Rolls Royce Phantom.

  6. nicolas from France says:

    Brilliant people ! nice job !

  7. Henry says:

    Does anybody know where to find this self-made Rolls? I’d like to film it for a tv-program. Thanx!
    Leave a message here and I’ll get in touch with you.

  8. dfdf says:

    corey where do you regonise the defirence between the real thing and this ?

  9. dylan says:

    good work ruslan!

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